The EVERLOC+ System

Ingenious Design, Failsafe Application Distinguish the REHAU PEXa Plumbing System

First, the big picture: The REHAU PEXa plumbing system starts with REHAU RAUPEX® pipe, the trusted choice by plumbers and contractors around the globe for more than 40 years.

Add in a full complement of our EVERLOC+ fittings and sleeves. Fire up one of the EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve tools that expands the pipe to insert the fitting and then locks the textured compression sleeve over both the pipe and the fitting.

Expand, Compress, Done!

Polymer and Lead-Free (LF) Brass Fittings

The patent-pending design of EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fittings features the latest in polymer technology, including four sealing edges for no-leak security. When locked with a textured PEXa sleeve, EVERLOC+ connections are immediately ready for pressure testing and warranty-backed for years of reliable service.

Compression-sleeve Fitting Articles

PEXa Sleeve

The unique, patent-pending design of our PEXa sleeves features a textured interior for an extreme grip and an immediate seal every single time. 

Compression Sleeve Articles

RAUPEX UV Shield pipe

RAUPEX® PEXa pipe with UV shield protection is the smart alternative to copper and other polymers. RAUPEX means proven durability while saving money on both materials and installation. It also means added flexibility and precision during project planning, while achieving excellent long-term flow performance and water quality. 

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Commercial-ready Tools

The EVERLOC+ power tools feature quick-change expander heads and color-coded compression jaws sized for up to 2-inch pipe. The power tool easily overcomes installation challenges with a 360° rotating tool housing and multi-position compression jaws.

Save more time on commercial projects by using both the dual-purpose XL Power Tool and the XL Expander Tool. 

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Plumbing Done Fast, Done Right – Every Time

The REHAU PEXa plumbing system creates secure connections in minutes EVERY time in ANY weather that are instantly ready for pressure testing. Installers master the consistent EVERLOC+ technique after just a few connections. And with easy visual verification, leaks based on overlooked dry-fitted connections are ancient history.

EVERLOC+ is already turning heads in the residential market. So why not run the numbers – copper versus EVERLOC+ – for your next commercial or multi-family project?

We’ll help you every step of the way, from spec and design to training to on-site support.

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