A Complete System Solution

EVERLOC+ is the next generation fitting system, ensuring fast, secure installations from start to finish.

4x More Secure*

EVERLOC+ 4x More Secure
The patent-pending design of EVERLOC+ includes unique features that ensure extremely secure, worry-free plumbing installations, every time. 

  • Compression-sleeve technique
  • Multiple sealing ribs and edges
  • Textured sleeve for extra grip

*vs F1960 fitting technique

Installs Up to 3x Faster*

No matter the circumstances, two expansions and one compression are all that's ever needed with EVERLOC+. That goes for all sizes and any temperature range.

  • Only 2 expansions and 1 compression
  • All-weather fitting
  • Immediate pressure testing

*vs F1960 fitting technique

360° Connection Control

A consistent expand/compress technique gives you total control from start to finish.

  • Immediately secure connection
  • Easy visual verification
  • Consistent, active technique