The EVERLOC+ System

For Potable Plumbing Applications

Designed specifically for use with RAUPEX® UV shield pipe (PEXa pipe) for hot- and cold-water potable distribution. 

Polymer and Lead-Free (LF) Brass Fittings

Features four sealing edges for added security and a connection that's strong and reliable for the long haul. Polymer and LF brass fittings are available in couplings, tees, elbows and plugs. Also available are polymer multi-port tees and LF brass transition fittings to NPT thread and copper solder connections.  

Compression-sleeve Fitting Articles

PEXa Sleeve

The unique, patent-pending design of our PEXa sleeve features a textured interior for an extreme grip and an immediate seal every single time. 

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RAUPEX UV Shield PEXa Pipe

A flexible, durable, cost-effective alternative to copper and other polymers, our RAUPEX® UV shield PEXa pipe offers fast, easy installation. RAUPEX is also corrosion resistant, providing years of quiet, consistent flow and water pressure in plumbing applications.

RAUPEX UV Shield Pipe Articles

EVERLOC+ Power Tool (Up to 1")

One battery-powered tool for expansion and compression, featuring color-coded expansion heads and compression jaws (size specific) as well as quick change expander heads. Jaws can be positioned in various orientations to accommodate many installation scenarios.

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