Municipal Piping

PEX water service line by REHAU

PEXa Water Service Line

Engineered for potable water, our PEXa water service line is a clean, cost effective alternative to copper and other metals.  Mineral build-up and corrosion from both soil and water is a real risk with copper and other metals. This build-up compromises flow capacity, and with water supply applications, the quality of water. 

MUNICIPEX is a high-performance, corrosion-resistant polymer water service pipe that is resistant to mineral build-up, impacts and abrasion, chlorine and a wide range of other chemicals.  It is also kink resistant and will not split in freezing temperatures. 

Proven Through Years of Field Experience
Backed by more than 35 years of experience and more than one billion feet (300 million meters) of installation experience worldwide, our MUNICIPEX® crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) water service line is engineered specifically for the potable water industry.

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