Pre-insulated PEXa Water Service Line

For Extreme Cold Climates

MUNICIPEX® Pre-insulated is a polyurethane insulated PEXa piping specially designed for water distribution in extreme cold climates that require an extra level of protection from freezing, or when laying pipe below the frost line is not possible.

  • MUNICIPEX PEXa carrier pipe – the strongest and most flexible polymer option available
  • Corrugated LDPE outer casing “locks” firmly into the backfill for long-term durability
  • CFC- free polyurethane foam insulation is bonded to both the outer casing and the MUNICIPEX pipe to increase durability and flexibility and eliminates freeze points
  • Integrated conduit easily accommodates heat-trace cable

Installation Advantages

MUNICIPEX Pre-insulated offers ease of installation, combined with the long-term performance of PEXa pipe.

  • Durability makes MUNICIPEX Pre-insulated ideal for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) applications
  • Flexibility allows for easier jobsite handling vs. HDPE and copper
  • MUNICIPEX PEXa carrier pipe in 1 and 2” CTS makes connections simple
  • Connects to standard, off-the-shelf, potable water fitting solutions
  • Standard 100 and 300 ft coils
    • Lessen the number of joints necessary
    • Reduce installation cost and time
    • Service lines can be cut-to-length


MUNICIPEX Pre-insulated Water Service Line Sales Flyer (855.745)


MUNICIPEX Product Catalog (855.300)


Reference Project: City of Thompson (855.911)


MUNICIPEX Pre-insulated Pipe Product Submittal (PS112)


Reference Projects

REHAU MUNICIPEX PI - City of Thompson Project Profile

Manitoba Mining Town Leads Canada Into New Era of Water Main Technology

Thompson’s long, cold winters make the city an ideal candidate for MUNICIPEX Pre-insulated water service line. The average high temperature doesn’t rise above 0°C (32°F) – between November and early April.

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