PEX Water Service Line

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

If you've got standard pipe wrenches in your toolbox, you're good to go. No special tools are required for MUNICIPEX® connections.

Produced to SDR9 Copper Tube Sizes (CTS)
MUNICIPEX connects to standard, off-the-shelf, potable water fitting solutions such as AWWA C800 compression joint valves and fittings and ASTM F2080 brass compression-sleeve fittings. When using AWWA C800 fittings, a thin stainless steel or plastic insert is required to stiffen the pipe at these connections.

Lightweight and Flexible
More flexible and five to six times lighter than copper, MUNICIPEX is supplied in longer coils to reduce the number of couplings, minimize waste and speed installation. It's also easier to plan an installation as consecutive footage marks on the pipe indicate the length and how much material is available. To accomodate expansion and contraction, simply allow MUNICIPEX to slightly curve while laying it in the trench. Unlike standard PE, MUNICIPEX remains flexible down to -184ºF (-120ºC).

Performance Properties

Performance Properties

Corrosion Resistance
As a polymer material, MUNICIPEX® resists corrosion in soil or aggressive water conditions.

Mineral Build-up Resistance
MUNICIPEX resists scaling and internal deposits.

Chlorine Resistance
MUNICIPEX exceeds the requirements of ASTM F876 for chlorine resistance, when tested in accordance with ASTM F2023, and is listed by NSF for chlorine resistance.

Chemical Resistance
MUNICIPEX is resistant to a wide range of chemicals. However, while some chemicals may not harm MUNICIPEX, chemical concentration, temperature, pressure and other parameters can influence the suitability and service life of the MUNICIPEX application. Do not bury MUNICIPEX in contaminated soil. If you have questions regarding chemical compatibility, contact your REHAU regional sales office.

Freeze Resistance
Unlike HDPE and copper pipes, MUNICIPEX will not split when frozen, if allowed to expand along its entire length. It will return to its original shape when thawed. In addition, MUNICIPEX will freeze at a slower rate than copper due to its significantly lower (four orders of magnitude) coefficient of thermal conductivity. Thawing can be performed with hot water injection equipment or by using a hot air gun to heat frozen areas.


Abrasion Resistance
The increased abrasion resistance of crosslinked polyethylene pipe ensures long service life even in directional drilling applications.

High Impact Resistance
MUNICIPEX is more flexible than other piping materials, and will not crush, kink or collapse when proper backfill techniques are used. MUNICIPEX also has high resistance to gouges or scratches and outstanding resistance to slow crack growth. Even at temperatures as low as -184°F (-120°C), MUNICIPEX will not become brittle. MUNICIPEX is rated for continuous use at operating conditions of 160 psi @ 73.4°F and 100 psi @ 180°F (1,100 kPa @ 23°C and 690 kPa @ 82°C). Temperature and pressure ratings are based on extrapolated time-to-failure predictions as defined in ASTM D2837 and ASTM F876.


Kink Resistance
MUNICIPEX is more flexible than HDPE or composite pipes and will resist kinking even at temperatures well below freezing. Kinking can be prevented by bending the pipe more slowly in cold temperatures, taking care not to bend it too far. If MUNICIPEX becomes kinked, unlike HDPE, it can be repaired without cutting. To repair a kink, carefully heat the kinked area with a hot air gun until the kink disappears and the pipe becomes round (approximately 275°F [135°C]), then remove heat and let the pipe cool before moving it. There must be no pressure or stress on the pipe during heating to prevent deformation. Small bubbles or wrinkles may appear on the blue UV shield – this is normal.

UV Resistance
MUNICIPEX has a maximum exposure limit to sunlight of up to one year, and should not be permanently installed in direct sunlight, either outdoors or indoors. Follow all handling and installation instructions found on the packaging.