MUNICIPEX Outperforms all other Water Service lines


With 20% More Cross Linking, REHAU's PEXa MUNICIPEX® Water Serice Line Outperforms PEXb Pipes

MUNICIPEX offers municipal and utility engineers a proven, cost-effective AWWA C904-approved water service line solution with enhanced benefits over other forms of PEX. As the first PEX pipe certified to AWWA C904, MUNICIPEX has a proven track record of more than 10 years in water service line applications.

MUNICIPEX pipe is made using REHAU's high-pressure peroxide crosslinking, pioneered in 1968, which occurs during the final stage of the extrusion process. The result is a highly crosslinked, flexible polymer pipe known as PEXa. Other forms of PEX can have 15-20% less crosslinking, which reduces performance on the job.

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MUNICIPEX vs. Copper

PEXa vs Copper: Why MUNICIPEX® is the Proven Water Service Alternative:

- MUNICIPEX Costs Less

- MUNICIPEX Performs Better

- MUNICIPEX Installs Easier

- MUNICIPEX Is "Greener"

- MUNICIPEX Reduces Jobsite Theft

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Crosslinked polyethylene is a polyethylene material which has undergone a change in molecular structure using a chemical process whereby the polymer chains are chemically linked resulting in improved properties such as elevated temperature strength and performance, chemical resistance and resistance to slow crack growth.

MUNICIPEX surpasses HDPE in many ways:

 - Increased Longevity

 - Ease of Installation

 - Improved Toughness/Environmental Resistance


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