Below-Floor Heat Transfer Plates

Below-Floor Plates Overview

Joist space heat transfer plate systems allow you to experience the warm comfort of radiant heating without altering your existing flooring. 

Designed specifically to install in the joist space under a suspended wood floor, the systems usually require far fewer changes to the building, making it suitable for new construction or renovation.


RAUPLATE double-channel heat transfer plates save time and reduce effort while improving heat transfer efficiency. 

- Double plate covers more area
- Pipes snap easily and firmly into grooves without tools
- Plates are easy to cut to length
- Plates are more efficient at transferring heat to the floor above

RAUPLATESystem Components 

1. RAUPLATE joist space heat transfer plate
2. RAUPEX O2 Barrier pipe, 1/2 in.
3. Pipe fastening rail
4. Protection sleeve

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RAUPLATE Product Instructions

Heavy Gauge Plates

- Designed for 3/8 or 1/2 in. PEXa pipes
- Plates are 4 ft long, 3.5 in. wide
- Installed before the pipes
- Plates are pre-drilled for screws
- Tighter fit reduces movement of pipe

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