REHAU Radiant Heating Installation, JSF High School

JSF High School

Toronto-Area High School Achieves Comfort, Energy Efficiency Goals with REHAU Radiant Heating and Cooling

The École secondaire Jeunes sans frontiers (JSF) is dedicated to fostering an enriched, student-focused learning experience for its students. This includes providing a comfortable, healthy and sustainably designed learning environment.

Installed throughout the entire 90,000 ft2 (8,463 m2) facility, the REHAU radiant heating and cooling system consists of 104,700 ft (31,913 m) of RAUPEX® 5/8-in. O2 Barrier pipe and 42 PRO-BALANCE® manifolds pre-piped with three-way valves into all recessed manifold distribution cabinets.

On the ground level, the RAUPEX pipe is installed in a concrete embedded, slab-on-grade design in a counterflow spiral pattern to promote even surface temperatures. To accommodate cambered precast flooring on the second level, the pipe is affixed to  RAILFIX™, then covered with a 2 to 3 in. (5 to 8 cm) concrete layer.

Awards / Certifications

- LEED® Silver Certified (Canadian Green Building Council)

- Project of the Year, PPI Building & Construction Division 

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LocationBrampton, Ontario
Type of ProjectSecondary School
CustomerKlimatrol Environmental Systems, Ltd
ArchitectRobertson Simmons Architects Inc.
REHAU SystemRadiant Heating and Cooling
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