REHAU Smart Controls

System Overview

sophisticated, user-friendly controls system featuring a point-and-click interface accessed through a standard web browser.

  • Allows individual temperatures for each controlled zone.
  • Stores and maintains settings accessible via any Internet-enabled device.
  • Optimizes and manages the combined use of heating, cooling and ventilation systems to achieve comfort with the lowest possible energy use.
  • Interfaces with weather services and automatically adjusts settings.
  • Constantly monitors the health and functioning of the HVAC system and reports any problems when they happen.
  • Permits you to define specific on/off events in your settings, so operation of water heater, forced-air and radiant systems can be coordinated to ensure the highest level of efficiency.
  • Allows service contractors to access your system and efficiently diagnose potential issues before arriving at your site.



The REHAU Smart Controls (RSC) system offers intelligent integration of all mechanical devices to achieve the most efficient means of operating your HVAC system components.

Creates Flexible, Integrated HVAC Control Solutions
RSC is extremely flexible and can be configured to control the most intricate HVAC systems based on installer-defined rules of operation. The system is not limited by “pre-defined” control logic, so it can be configured to any operating requirement and can easily expand to integrate any HVAC components added after initial installation.

Offers Off-Site Control and Troubleshooting
From the web-based RSC Control Center, you can adjust temperature settings and turn functions on/off. Remote access by your service organization allows the technician to diagnose an HVAC component problem and bring the necessary parts and tools for the repair, reducing system down-time.

Monitors System Health With Alerts and Heartbeat
You can set up text or email alerts for predetermined HVAC system events such as extreme temperature changes, boiler room temperatures below 50°F (10°C) or water on the basement floor. An optional “heartbeat” service allows an off-site server to monitor the health of the RSC computer and other electronic system components, prompting a service call or remote intervention when maintenance is required.

Optimizes Energy Consumption
Historical performance data allows users and installers to monitor energy consumption trends. Using this information, adjustments can be made to settings such as setpoints, system temperatures and room temperature setbacks to maximize comfort and optimize energy efficiency.
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How it Works

The REHAU Smart Controls system streamlines the typical mechanical room with a control panel that integrates all the HVAC hardware paired with a dedicated on-site computer.

1. Computer operates software and records performance history
2. Configurator software gives your contractor unparalleled flexibility
3. Control center allows user to check and change systems setting
4. Control panel simplifies wiring and controls
5. Input/Output blocks create wiring interface to HVAC components
6. Thermostat or wall sensor monitors temperature
7. Internet access provides complete off-site control

Signature Components of the REHAU Smart Controls System

RSC Computer – At the heart of the REHAU Smart Controls system is a powerful and highly flexible database software platform that enables virtually unlimited flexibility to control complex, integrated HVAC systems. RSC Configurator and RSC Control Center software programs are installed on this computer.

RSC Configurator – Using this software, the installer integrates complex HVAC systems and creates a unique controls solution for the building equipped with the RSC computer. Among the configuration options are:

  • Defining thermostats for each zone
  • Defining sensors and relays to monitor and control the HVAC system components
  • Defining operating parameters for conditions such as temperature, kWh, humidity and CO2
  • Setting up the outdoor reset curve

RSC Control Center – From any Web-enabled device, the user can access this software for an overview of the current operating conditions of their HVAC system components. Among the functions the user can do from the control center are:

  • Monitor conditions such as temperature, kWh, humidity and CO2
  • Turn water heater on and off
  • Change setpoints of each zone

RSC Control Panel – By forming a hub to which all sensors and relay wiring are connected, the control panel eliminates complex wiring schemes and multiple wall-mounted controls.

RSC I/O Blocks – One or more input/output blocks located in the RSC control panel are the wiring interface to the building’s HVAC system components. All of the logic for monitoring and controlling the mechanical hardware is in the RSC software.

RSC Communicating Thermostat or Wall Sensor – Monitoring the air temperature of a zone can be done using a sensor or a communicating thermostat, which has the added benefit of allowing the user to change the setpoint in the RSC Control Center.

Internet Access – Users can view and change parameters in their REHAU Smart Controls system from their smart phone, tablet PC or any other Web-enabled device.
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Controls for Snow and Ice Melting

REHAU Smart Controls With Weather Anticipation
A special module developed specifically for use with a REHAU Snow and Ice Melting System (SIM), this control option has the ability to access weather forecast data and then activate the SIM system to be ready to melt at the first sign of snow or ice.

When installed, the latitude and longitude coordinates are used to get the closest weather information from National Weather Service or Environment Canada. The system can be programmed to warm the melting area a certain amount of time before the snowstorm begins, so that it’s ready to melt the first snowflake. With these capabilities, owners have ultimate control for safety, efficiency and protection of heated areas.

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