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Create professional pipe layout drawings for systems including RAUPEX® radiant heating and snow and ice melting and configurations incorporating RAUPANEL™ and RAUPLATE™ radiant heating technologies.

  • Creates professional radiant heating circuit layout drawings faster and easier
  • Performs detailed hydronic calculations
  • Generates 3D views automatically as you draw in 2D
  • Supports slab, thin slab and in-joist radiant heating designs
  • Automatically generates circuit layouts
  • Performs room-by-room heat loss calculations
  • Generates detailed material lists for each individual design
  • Can be used as stand-alone program with no requirement for AutoCAD®

REHAU LoopCAD® Non-Graphical 

Made for quick room-by-room data entry, calculating building heat loss, radiant panel outputs and a materials list. This version includes a 30-day free trial of REHAU LoopCAD PRO. 
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New and enhanced features for 2016: 

Supply/Return Distribution Piping
Specify the Supply/Return Piping to connect each manifold to the boiler room or water supply source. Includes options for PEX, copper or steel pipe.

Automatic Check for Updates
The new Check for Updates feature will periodically check for program updates, and if found notify you on the Main Menu. You choose when you want to download and install the updates.

New Main Menu Design
The Main Menu has been redesigned with support added for new web-enabled features such as Check for Updates and Latest News.

Mirror Drawing Function
The new Mirror Drawing function allows flipping of the entire floorplan drawing along any axis.

Move Floorplan Function
The new Move Floorplan function allows you to easily adjust the alignment of your drawings.

Manual J® Eighth Edition Version 2.5
Updated to the latest ACCA® Manual J version.

Multiple Tube Spacing in Quick Design and Spreadsheet Modes
Both Quick Design Mode and Spreadsheet Design Mode now support multiple tube spacings within the same room.

New Custom Table Fields
Custom Room Tables now provide the option to include the room volume, perimeter, and floor covering type.

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