Snow and Ice Melting

Take Control of Your Time, Budget and Safety at Your Facility

A REHAU hydronic snow and ice melting (SIM) system automatically clears outdoor surfaces beginning with the first sign of snow or ice. With proper design and installation, a REHAU SIM system will provide long-term performance and reliability. You'll save the time, energy and expense of traditional snow removal while improving safety around your facility.
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How it Works

A REHAU SIM system clears pathways around the Fallsview Casino Resort in Ontario.

Radiant Heating Applied Outdoors: REHAU hydronic snow and ice melting (SIM) systems circulate warmed fluid (usually glycol and water) through crosslinked (PEX) pipe installed within outdoor surfaces, melting and evaporating snow or ice before it accumulates.

Electronic Controls "Know" the Weather: Controls continually monitor data provided by outdoor sensors and ready the system to begin melting as needed. 

Automatic, Energy Conscious Features: The controls ensure the most efficient use of energy by calculating the precise temperature the fluid must be heated to in order to cause melting. The system automatically shuts off when the surface is dry.

Idle Option Ensures Optimal Safety: When snow is imminent, the system can be programmed to idle. This keeps outdoor surfaces warmer than ambient temperature so the system is ready to melt the instant snow begins. When temperatures become so cold that snowfall is unlikely, the system will turn off to save energy.

Designed to Handle Conditions Specific to Your Area: REHAU has the engineering expertise to help you design a system with output capacity geared to the specific conditions in your geographic area. 

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Increases Safety and Reduces Liability Exposure
Snow and ice melting (SIM) systems eliminate snow and ice build-up, increasing the safety of surfaces where people walk and drive. By keeping these areas clear of the frozen elements that can cause accidents, a SIM system also reduces your liability exposure.

Provides Convenience, Control
The automated convenience of a SIM system eliminates the hassle of coordinating snow removal, long hours and the risk of worker injury.

Offers Cost Savings
A well-designed SIM system is often less expensive to operate than hiring motorized snow removal equipment. It also eliminates the damage to surfaces caused by equipment and chemicals as well as the wear and tear from salt and water being tracked inside.

Minimizes Environmental Impact
Carbon emissions from snow removal equipment and runoff contaminated with salt and chemicals directly impact the environment.  By installing a hydronic SIM system, you eliminate these in addition to preserving the life of landscaping, which is often damaged by the weight of snowbanks.
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RAUPEX Pipe: Peace of Mind for System Owners and Installers

The last thing you want to discover when beginning a snow and ice melting system installation is that the pipe you chose is difficult to work with; nor do you need any doubt about its durability and performance through season after season of harsh weather.

Our RAUPEX pipe is peace of mind for contractors, owners and maintenance personnel. Its flexibility allows for operation in a variety of outdoor areas. Install RAUPEX pipe in substrates such as concrete, sandbeds and under asphalt using REHAU fastening systems that are designed to ensure fast, economical installations.

RAUPEX is reliable, flexible and strong enough to perform season after season in this demanding application.

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SIM installation in concrete using fixing rail to anchor the RAUPEX pipe onto the insulation.

SIM installation under brick pavers using screw clips to anchor the RAUPEX pipe inside the sand bed.SIM installation - tubing within stone dust beneath asphalt.