Megatrends to guide your commercial building project

Keep these innovative trends in mind when designing your next commercial building project.

Remember how it felt when you drove your first car up your driveway? Private transportation was once the ticket to independence, but as we look to the future, this may not always be the case. Ride-share services, self-driving cars and better public transportation are on their way to becoming the road most traveled; a microcosm of how society’s attitude toward mobility is shifting.

Mobility is one of five megatrends defining and shaping the building and design industry of today. More and more companies are prioritizing mobility in their real estate decisions, creating all-weather drop-off zones for ride sharing and flexible parking garages that can be repurposed when automated cars reduce the need for parking space.

Capitalizing on these megatrends is meaningful for customers and essential for keeping ahead of the curve in a fast-paced industry. Here are four other megatrends to focus on in your commercial building project.

Using industry megatrends to guide your commercial building project.


Digital and smart technology are no longer a luxury, but a standard. More than ever, people expect innovative digital capabilities to be built into their surroundings. They want their buildings to be intuitive and efficient, using data and smart building elements such as remote-controlled lighting, energy-saving smart glass, hydronic heating and cooling and smart retail shelves to optimize their experiences. Integrating digital innovations such as these can set your commercial building project apart and increase its value.

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More than ever, the way you align with consumer goals can make or break your market share. Commercial buyers are paying a premium for custom spaces because brand identity is one of the most important aspects of recruitment today. Your clients won’t settle for generic designs; they are looking for individualized spaces that fit who they are. Offering options for individualization can mean allowing them to pick color schemes or surfaces and showcase company branding and culture. Customized conference rooms, for example, help you demonstrate an understanding of your client’s unique business model with a truly personalized design. The more you can involve clients in the design process, the more likely they are to be satisfied and connected with the space you build.


Research shows that consumers not only gravitate toward companies who practice sustainability, but are even willing to pay more for products or services that promote sustainability. In your next commercial building project, try committing to using as many recycled materials — such as recycled windows — as possible. Where you can’t build with recycled materials, opt for long-lasting products that won’t frequently contribute to waste. Consider partnering with your customers to recycle or reuse old materials giving them a second-life or to optimize your supply chain and manufacturing operations to minimize wasted resources.

New work

Customers often feel the transcendence of the corporate culture of the businesses they engage with. Capitalizing on the “new work” megatrend goes beyond the space you build. Happier teams that are up to date with industry trends develop better products.

Offer flexible scheduling and regular professional development opportunities to show your employees that you value their time and growth. Encourage them to telecommute when they need to and use technology to streamline communication across locations. Creating a culture of positivity can stave off burnout and keep your operation running smoothly, minimizing turnover and HR issues. Word gets around when a company’s culture is positive, and in today’s job market, that’s a must for recruitment. When your employees are motivated, your customers will notice.

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As today’s clients become more sophisticated, their expectations for the spaces we build increase. Forge ahead on your next commercial building project with these megatrends and stay nimble, ready for whatever comes.

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By Katherine MacNevin, Marketing Manager, Window Solutions

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