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The increasing versatility of metal has made it a popular staple of modern home designs offering a wide range of aesthetics.  

Metal in modern design

Metal has become a staple in modern design, moving from being seen mainly in commercial spaces to making frequent appearances in residential environments. The versatility of metal has made it popular in the home, as a wide range of aesthetics can be created, allowing each individual to design a space tailored to what suits their style.

Not only is the use of metal in interior design visually striking, but it is also highly durable and functional, making it an attractive choice in spaces where these attributes are especially needed, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

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Warm Metals

Warm metals, such as champagne, copper, bronze and brass, can greatly impact the overall mood of a design. In many colonial homes, bronze is found in the kitchen where it creates a comforting atmosphere and a charming vintage design. A touch of gold within the kitchen or bathroom provides a classic, lavish look. The RAUVISIO ferro line by REHAU has two warm metallic surfaces that can add a pop of warmth while still maintaining a modern look.

Cool Metals

Cool metals, such as stainless steel, chrome and nickel, are a mainstay in commercial kitchens and are increasingly finding their way into homes. Stainless steel is the preferred finish for most kitchen appliances, with titanium becoming the next big trend. Metal surface materials are now available to extend this polished, industrial design to cabinets, countertops and other components. The RAUVISIO ferro line by REHAU offers two true metal finishes, both of which offer sleek, smooth surfaces that seamlessly blend durability and elegance.

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Mixing Metals

Can’t decide if you prefer a warm or cool look? You can have both! Mixing metals has become a popular trend, offering a contrast that brings character and depth to your design. Modern design trends are shifting away from complete coordination and matching, and more toward a mixture of textures and colors that bring spaces within the home to life. Some popular mixed metal pairings include nickel and gold or copper and chrome.

You can install REHAU metal cabinet doors to match or contrast with the metal finishes of other fixtures in your kitchen, such as the sink, oven, refrigerator or countertop. For example, if you have stainless steel appliances, you may choose REHAU’s kitchen cabinets from the RAUVISIO ferro collection in Aegean Anchor or Gilded Arrow to have a contrast between cool and warm metals.

Combining Metals with Other Surfaces

Not only can you mix metals with one another, but you can also mix them with other surfaces to achieve the modern design trend of contrast. Metal cabinet doors can be paired with wood, stone, glass or matte. These options give you the opportunity to experiment with many design combinations, allowing you to customize your home with ease. Metal kitchen cabinets combined with matte, as seen in the photo below, can create a sophisticated yet approachable space.

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REHAU can help you keep up with the latest metal trends and design a home that is both contemporary yet timeless. To learn more about our metal surfaces, click here.

By Erin Slupe, REHAU Communications

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