PEXa Plumbing Systems

seminar length 1 hour
event code 690
target group Builders, Installers, Engineers
dates offered Upon request
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This seminar provides a fundamental understanding of where and how to use PEXa crosslinked polyethylene plumbing pipes for reliable delivery of potable water in residential and commercial applications. 

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the capabilities of PEXa crosslinked polyethylene pipe produced using the high-pressure peroxide method;
2. List the advantages of PEXa for plumbing systems;
3. Name the three most common PEX plumbing piping techniques;
4. Explain installation guidelines;
5. Discuss engineering information;
6. Recognize code approvals.

Who should attend: MEP firms involved with plumbing design, builders, design/build firms, facility managers, installers