REHAU Hosted - Academy On-air

Tune in to conversations with industry leaders on topics that impact your construction business. REHAU Academy manager Max Rohr hosts a variety of guests who offer insights into HVAC, plumbing, hydronics, training and energy efficiency topics. Subscribe to ensure you don’t miss an episode!

Podcast Guest Interviews

The Sharpest ToolTM

"Max shares how growing up in the home services trades shaped his passion for radiant heating and cooling, and why you should never be afraid to pitch your premium product."

Net-Zero Buildings using Radiant Systems with REHAU

HVAC 360 with Matt Nelson

"In this episode we talk with Max Rohr of REHAU Academy Manager, specifically we are talking about how using radiant systems in buildings could save you on energy costs and provide a more comfortable environment for you occupants." 

How to Stay Ahead of the Curve in Your HVAC Company

Buildings Podcast

"Janelle Penny speaks with Mike East from REHAU about hydronic snow and ice melting systems and how they benefit commercial buildings." 

Hydronic Snow & Ice Melting Systems for Buildings with Mike East

The HVAC Jerks

"Whether you're completely new to PEX and radiant floor heat, or you install it all the time, its always fun to listen to an expert in the field, and Max is the guy." 

The HVAC Jerks - Radiant Heating with Max Rohr

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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