REHAU: The Monage. System 4500 Commercial Windows and Doors

REHAU window and door designs are energy efficient, durable and stylish.

REHAU upvc windows are energy efficient, durable and stylish.

REHAU window designs are energy efficient, durable and stylish.

We don’t say “comprehensive” just to get your attention. Our steel-reinforced uPVC window and door profiles are run through a rigorous testing regimen. We put them up against extreme weather conditions, test their acoustic performance, durability, impact safety and more.

And we’ve found that our proprietary uPVC formulation and window and door designs out-perform and outlast alternative materials like aluminum when it comes to sound abatement | energy efficiency | long service life | ease of maintenance.

You won’t be using any other uPVC window and door design once you’ve tried ours.


Reference Projects

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Certified Commercial Manufacturer Program

A program offering rewards and support for our commercial manufacturers.

REHAU Services

With us right behind you, starting up a new line of windows and doors from REHAU can be a lot easier than you might ...

A Wide Array of Color Options

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