Modern Millwork: 3 Qualities to Look for in Glass Panels

Reflect elegance in your design with glass panels

Get durability and quality with these glass options.

Glass in interior design is an innovative and elegant surface. Your clients need a glass panel that is ready to take on daily life, while maintaining its timeless look. Whether in a kitchen, bathroom, office or any other place your client wishes, glass can be a durable and tasteful panel.

Some glass panels can be a hassle to deal with for both you and your client. For the best glass panel experience, look for high shatter and scratch resistance, along with convenient processing capabilities.

Shatter Resistance

Glass can be considered risky in any design, due to the possibility of it shattering in high-traffic areas. Obviously, that would be dangerous, so be sure to choose a glass panel with increased resistance to breaking.

Scratch Resistance 

Even a small scratch on eyeglasses or a mirror is distracting because it causes light to reflect in random directions. To achieve the stunning glass effect your clients envision, you’ll want a surface that doesn’t reveal scratches. High scratch resistance capabilities keep your designs looking elegant for longer.

On-site Processing Capabilities

As designers, you know that clients tend to change their mind about certain designs or dimensions during a project. Choosing panels that allow quick, on-site adjustments allows you to please your clients with much less stress.

By choosing glass panels with high shatter and scratch resistance and on-site processing capabilities, you’ll delight your clients with sophisticated designs that are safe and beautiful to live with.

Glass OptionsAdvantagesDisadvantages
Tempered Glass: Toughened glass treated by heat or chemicals to increase its strength 

1. Unlimited color options with paint

2. Cool to the touch 

1. Can shatter

2. Significant weight

3. Cannot be processed on job site

Acrylic Glass Laminate: Thin sheet of polymer (often multiple polymers co-extruded) with a clear top layer to mimic back- painted glass 

1. 10x more break resistant than glass

2. Can be processed onsite with woodworking tools 

3. Optimized formulations for colors fastness and UV stability 

1. Not recommended for horizontal surfaces requiring high-temperature resistance 

For more information on glass panel options for your modern millwork designs, check out REHAU’s website.

By Jesse Collins, Marketing Manager, Furniture Solutions

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