Fiberglass evolved as the next window and door material after uPVC. That is, until RAU-FIPRO® came along.

The unique infusion of glass fiber into REHAU's exceptional uPVC creates the best of both worlds. With RAU-FIPRO, the future is here.

Fiberglass or vinyl—why should you have to choose? RAU-FIPRO is a co-extruded material made out of both uPVC and fiberglass. The combination creates a one-of-a-kind material with outstanding functionality and performance. RAU-FIPRO is at the core of REHAU’s GENEO® window system and can also be made into any custom window and door design by request. Windows made with RAU-FIPRO allow for an arched or half-rounded top. Any type of rounded window is not possible with fiberglass alone.

Elements that provide strength and durability are key in a window design as well as an expanded viewing area —which is exactly what RAU-FIPRO offers.    



RAU-FIPRO is more than 2X stronger*.

*vs. vinyl windows

Windows made with RAU-FIPRO boast extraordinary stability. This provides for windows and doors made without reinforcements, saving time, money and further improving the ease of installation.

Reinforcements can still be used to create even larger sizes, letting in even more natural light and showcasing the beautiful views surrounding your home.


RAU-FIPRO is designed with fusion-welded corners for zero leakage.

While traditional fiberglass windows have corner joints that loosen and eventually let in water and drafts, the uPVC component of RAU-FIPRO allows for welded corners.

The high-quality extrusions made with RAU-FIPRO and welded corner design ensure for long-lasting windows, exceeding 30 years


More than 10% better thermal performance*.

*vs. vinyl windows with metal reinforcemen

RAU-FIPRO is the foundation for highly energy-efficient windows and doors that will save money on monthly energy bills. It also helps the environment and supports sustainability. RAU-FIPRO windows and doors are certified for Passive House and Net-Zero Construction; ensuring that homes have extremely low energy consumption.
Energy efficiency and high performance and are not a given in all windows. RAU-FIPRO is a unique top of the line material that offers these benefits, so you can focus on getting the style of the window that you want, without sacrificing quality 

System GENEO

GENEO is the first fully reinforced polymer window profile system that doesn’t rely on steel for its strength. Instead, it’s composed of RAU-FIPRO™, a proprietary fiber composite material similar to those employed in aeronautic construction and racing vehicles for outstanding strength and load capacities.

RAU-FIPRO, specially developed for GENEO, affords window construction benefits only imagined before. GENEO does not only provide superior structural integrity but also excels when it comes to thermal and acoustical performance. More about GENEO

Custom designs

RAU-FIPRO material is currently used to make GENEO windows, but it can also be used in any custom window and door design by request. With the nearly endless possibilities for configurations – hung, slider, fixed, casement and tilt-turn windows together with sliding, folding, and tilting doors – you can turn almost anything you imagine into reality.

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