RAUVISIO crystal

RAUVISIO crystal polymer back-painted glass surface

Experience elegant innovation with RAUVISIO crystal polymer back-painted acrylic glass and stone surfaces

RAUVISIO crystalTM provides the sleek shine of glass and stone in a lighter-weight, durable polymer. The UV-resistant, fully customizable boards feature colorfastness with much lower production costs and the convenience of cutting and drilling during installation. Reduced sensitivity to impact and scratching means fewer rejects due to breakage and imperfections, so your project is both visually stunning and cost efficient.

O07-D162 - 52205840

Crown your design in polished perfection
A cut above the crowd. RAUVISIO crystal features a completely unique, diamond cut edge with REHAU LaserEdge.

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Advantages at a glance

Why shops will love it:

  • Cut and processed with woodworking tools
  • 50% lighter than real glass
  • 10x more break resistant than real glass
  • 20% less waste compared to real glass

Why your customers will love it:

  • High scratch resistance
  • Easy to clean with microfiber towels
  • Take notes or write tasks with whiteboard markers (high-gloss) or chalk (matte)
  • Cabinet doors finished in diamond-cut, REHAU LaserEdge

Take a moment to be inspired

RAUVISIO crystal Oberflächen
REHAU Casa Foa Espacio 22 07 Tienda Memo Arq - 88070
RAUVISIO crystal mirror Oberfläche
RAUVISIO crystal Oberflächen
RAUVISIO crystal Oberflächen
M00-D1067 - 599


RAUVISIO crystal and mirror

Bianco Color

high gloss V2778
matte 1696L

Nebbia Color

high gloss 1910L
matte 1911L

Fumo Color

high gloss 1686L
matte 1702L

Zuccero Color

high gloss 1923L

Perla Color

high gloss V2892
matte 1697L

Magnolia Color

high gloss 73703

Sabbia Color

high gloss 1687L
matte 1703L

Piano Color

high gloss 2015L

Menta Color

high gloss 1684L

Decorative Mirror Color

Decorative Mirror
high gloss 1721L

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RAUVISIO crystal Stone Collection

Marmo bianco Color

Marmo bianco
high gloss 1970L

Marmo nero

Marmo nero
high gloss 1971L

Legno sbiancato Color

Legno sbiancato
high gloss 1976L

What are my options?

F20-D002_01_486132_0 - 486132

Pressed panels (2800 x 1300 x 19 mm)

Pressed panel of RAUVISIO crystal polymer glass laminate, super-refined MDF board and a color-matched balancing backer.

F20-D047_555539_0 - 555539

Slim wall panels (2800 x 1300 x 4 mm)

4.0 mm thin panel consisting of RAUVISIO crystal polymer glass laminate directly pressed to a color-matched balancing backer.

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