Cast in refinement. From antiquity to modernity, metals have shaped our way of living at every turn. Light a spark of sophistication in your space with RAUVISIO ferroTM

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RAUVISIO ferro metallic PET surface

Cast in refinement.

From the rings around our fingers, to the ways we get to our favorite places, metals have shaped our way of living.

As our knowledge of smelting grew, we were able to create stronger, more durable metals. The humble origins of metals and the emergence of master metalsmiths have allowed for us to continue to enjoy all the ways metals bring refinement, elegance and value into our lives. When we wed, those pieces of metal exchanged, forged in smoldering flame, represent to us something everlasting and eternal. 

RAUVISIO ferroTM brings the rich history of metals to add elegant, timeless finishes into your spaces.

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Born to the flame.

It is believed that when humans discovered fire, we also developed theatrical story telling gimmicks which made the fire roar, drawing forth the accidental discovery of metals which had been deposited during the birth of our planet. With this discovery humankind released from its stony enclosure the smoldering titan within, forever changing our position in nature to one which allowed us to thrive.

Advantages at a glance:

Why shops will love it:

  • Easier on equipment than real metal
  • Can be processed with normal woodworking machinery
  • Boards, edgebanding and doors all from a single source

Why your customers will love it:

  • Solid PET with no delamination
  • Soft to the touch
  • Double-sided finished cabinet door or panel

RAUVISIO ferro metallic PET surface is a brushed metallic print topped with a clear PET film and UV-cured lacquer. The surface is laminated on both sides of a high-quality, super-refined engineered MDF core that is CARB2, TSCA Title VI certified. All components are provided with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdge.


RAUVISIOferro_AegeanAnchor - 1086980

RAUVISIOferro_MetroMotion - 1086977

RAUVISIOferro_GildedArrow - 1086978

RAUVISIOferro_EmpireSkyline - 1086979

Aegean Anchor

Metro Motion

Gilded Arrow

Empire Skyline


O40-D086_CL - 1097612
O40-D055 - 77176
O40-D054 - 77174
Plant_on_Counter - 1088993
O40-D092_CL - 1099149


What are my options?

Pressed panels (2800 x 1220 x 18.5 mm)

Large format pressed panel of super-refined MDF surrounded by two sides of laminate.


Magic 3-D REHAU LaserEdge in various sizes for all your project requirements.

Custom cabinet doors

You're a single click away from fully-finished custom cabinet doors. 

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O40-D097_CL - 1099158


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