Forged with the finest materials to create a monotonic matte surface, RAUVISIO noir builds a refined foundation for even the most exuberant design.

The color collection

RAUVISIO noir monotonic matte surface

RAUVISIO noirTM monotonic matte surface blends elegance and craftsmanship with the modern contours of cosmopolitan life.

Forged in the design capital of the world, Italy, RAUVISIO noir has been meticulously curated to reflect ageless traveled elegance.

Deep coal, crisp white and muted sea and emerald tones transport your imagination and senses. Take a stroll down a gas-lit boardwalk; lose yourself in the ambiance of an after dark candle lit dinner. Inspired by the colors of the cinematic world, choose the line identified to be the soul and elegance of modern spaces - embrace RAUVISIO noir. 

Meet designers and craftsmen where you are. Live in both worlds – the refined and the forged. Blur the lines because this is where RAUVISIO noir lives. It provides the base for the connection.

This irresistibly lush surface leaves nothing to chance by obscuring fingerprints and scratches. Linger with the visual and tactile sensation of seamless matte from every angle.

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RAUVISIO noir - bathroom

O95-D024_CL - 1071641

RAUVISIO noir - durability

What is monotonic matte?  A monotonic matte surface has the ability to retain all of its elemental properties while delivering unwavering resilience, reliability and richly uninhibited elegance in a variety of different scenarios giving you the quality you deserve with the versatility you desire. The deeply light-absorbent surface resists scratches and fingerprints while providing a touchable matte that invites the senses and the spirit to linger.

Irresistibly soft to touch and deeply light-absorbent

Forged to withstand fingerprints, impact and scratches

Crafted to be anti-microbial, ultra-low in VOCs and phenol-free

Seamless matte from every angle; front, back and edge

The intense color depth of RAUVISIO noir will draw you in, while its rugged features will keep you coming back. Be sure not to miss any of the super-hero properties of this versatile matte: Independent healing, intense color depth, chemical and stain resistance, wet and dry heat resistance, hydro-repellent, hygienic and suitable for contact with food.

New! RAUVISIO noirTM compact specifically designed for horizontal and vertical applications.    Learn more

The curated color collection

Inspired by legendary classic colors, the RAUVISIO noir collection offers designers subtle hues in Boxcar Blonde as well base staples like After Dark needed to create stunning, bold, dramatic and show-stopping designs.

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RAUVISIO noir Maltese Mist

Maltese Mist

DC_Maltese-Mist_V1 - 115220

DC_Casa-Blanca_V1 - 112887

RAUVISIO noir Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca

RAUVISIO noir Capital Starlit

Capital Starlit

DC_Capital-Starlit_V1 - 115217

DC_High-Low_V1 - 115219

RAUVISIO noir High Low

High Low

RAUVISIO noir After Dark

After Dark

DC_After-Dark_V1 - 115216

DC_Silver-Lake_V1 - 115221

RAUVISIO noir Silver Lake

Silver Lake

RAUVISIO noir Smoke Stack

Smoke Stack

DC_Smoke-Stack_V1 - 115222

DC_Trench-Coat_V1 - 112894

RAUVISIO noir Trench Coat

Trench Coat

RAUVISIO noir Gaslit Alley

Gaslit Alley

DC_Gaslit-Alley_V1 - 115218

DC_Midnight-Dash_V1 - 112890

RAUVISIO noir Midnight Dash

Midnight Dash

RAUVISIO noir Boxcar Blonde

Boxcar Blonde

DC_Boxcar-Blonde_V1 - 112886

DC_Olive-Detour_V1 - 112893

RAUVISIO noir Olive Detour

Olive Detour

Be inspired

RAUVISIO noir - hotel
O95-D005_CL - 1071661
RAUVISIO noir bathroom drawers
O95-D016_CL - 1071649
RAUVISIO noir Olive Detour kitchen
RAUVISIO noir living room
Woodways Kloosterman Case Study-7_COLORLOOK - 1102861
O95-D006_CL - 1071660
M00-D1735_CL - 1097672

What are my options?

Laminate (1300 x 3050 x 0.9 mm)

Monotonic matte surface in a large format for all types of millwork applications.

New! Compact (1300 x 3050 x 12 mm)

Solid core monotonic matte compact panel for horizontal and vertical applications.


REHAU LaserEdge and standard edgebanding in various sizes for all your project requirements.

Pressed panels (1300 x 3050 x 19.5 mm and 6 mm)

Large format pressed panel of super-refined MDF surrounded by two sides of laminate.

Floating shelves

Structural floating shelves capable of replacing the storage capacity of upper cabinets.

Custom cabinet doors

You're only a click away from our easy custom cabinet door ordering tool.

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