Touch the forest guilt free. RAUVISIO terra delivers the softness of the forest floor with the resilience of an ancient tree.

The color collection

RAUVISIO terra soft, textured HPL surface

Immerse yourself in the experiences of the forest.

Use the sun as a guide. Pitch a tent under the stars. Touch the foot of an ancient tree grounded by the forest floor.

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OrdunaResidence-Kitchen010 - 97823

OrdunaResidence-Kitchen016 - 97871

OrdunaResidence-Kitchen011 - 97824

Touch the forest guilt free. RAUVISIO terraTM delivers the softness of the forest floor with the resilience of an ancient tree.

Regardless of the season, this deeply textured surface delivers all-round durably with an authentic wood look and feel. Climb that higher branch to nurture your full breath of creativity.

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Advantages at a glance:

Why shops will love it:

  • No painting or staining required, unlike wood doors
  • Consistent grain flow and matching available
  • Not susceptible to chipping and warping

Why your customers will love it:

  • Richly soft to the touch
  • Curated on-trend color collection
  • Double-sided finished cabinet door or panel

RAUVISIO terra gives a truly unique look and feel. It provides an authentic wood look, while serving as a sustainable foundation for spaces to connect with nature. Unlike competitive TFL surfaces, RAUVISIO terra is a significantly more durable surface than melamine which is subject to chipping and warping.


Daybreak collection

Splendid rays of warm morning light invite the promise of afternoon picnics and evening drinks on the lake surrounded by the gentle dance of fireflies. This sultry collection not only captures the recreational spirit of the great outdoors, but also creates a warm palette for interiors with its diverse and wondrous colors of nature.

RAUVISIO terra_Lakefront Elm 4539_2021 - 1087997

Lakefront Elm
(formerly 4539)

RAUVISIO terra_East Elm 4548_2021 - 1087999

East Elm
RAUVISIO terra_Mountain Oak 4512_2021 - 1087994

Mountain Oak
(formerly 4512)

Midday collection

Nurture a mature and well-establish taste. Like a classic wardrobe, this collection is built on staples. These color pillars have continued to inspire luxurious design in lands outstretched far and wide, from the exotic to the avant-garde. They are revered in design circles for their authenticity, simplicity and elegance.

RAUVISIO terra_West Highland White 0028_2021 - 1087989

West Highand White

RAUVISIO terra_Coastal Oak 4543_2021 - 1088002

Coastal Oak

RAUVISIO terra_Mission Maple 4520_2021 - 1087995

Mission Maple
(formerly 4520)

RAUVISIO terra_Harvest Walnut 4604_2021 - 1087998

Harvest Walnut

Evenfall collection

Warm neutral tints of foliage sway gently through the breeze as sundown approaches, creating an aura of romantic whimsy and cozy delight. Proven to withstand the test of time, these classic neutral tones have outlived the most transient surface trends and continue to link decorate elements from all color families.

RAUVISIO terra_Craft Elm 4538_2021 - 1088001

Craft Elm
(formerly 4538)

RAUVISIO terra_Vineyard Oak 4526_2021 - 1087990

Vineyard Oak
(formerly 4526)
RAUVISIO terra_Saw-Cut Sand 4533_2021 - 1087991

Saw-cut Sand
RAUVISIO terra_Riverfront Elm 4528_2021 - 1087992

Riverfront Elm

Twilight collection

Like the roasted marshmallows and darkened coals of the hearth, this smoky collection brings rich earthy aesthetics into a space. These graphite and pewter tones envelope their surroundings, allowing the natural beauty of a design to glisten in enchanting ways, worthy of storytelling.

RAUVISIO terra_Northern Oak 4574_2021 - 1087993

Northern Oak
(formerly 4574)
RAUVISIO terra_Whiskey Oak 4511_2021 - 1087988

Whiskey Oak

RAUVISIO terra_Loft Oak 4517 - 97643

Loft Oak
(formerly 4517)

RAUVISIO terra_Dusk Pine 4513_2021 - 1088000

Dusk Pine


print-03-Clinton,WA - 93730
IMG_4502 - 92679
OrdunaResidence-Kitchen001 - 97814
DSC_4907 - 94506
OrdunaResidence-Bathroom010 - 97809
Anton Development Office-4 - 92230
IMG_4488 - 92673
Gator_Millwork_Apiary_Hill_Residence_0021_CL - 1077136
1091_001 - 102557
OrdunaResidence-Kitchen010 - 97823

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Laminate (1300 x 3050 x 0.9 mm)

Soft-touch, deeply textured, vertical-grade High Pressure Laminate (HPL).


REHAU LaserEdge and standard edgebanding in various sizes for all your project requirements.

Pressed panels (1300 x 3050 x 19.5 mm)

Large format pressed panel of super-refined MDF surrounded by two sides of laminate.

Floating shelves

Structural floating shelves capable of replacing the storage capacity of upper cabinets.

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