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REHAU Announces RAUVISIO House at IWF 2022

Booth showcases RAUVISIO engineered materials in complete surface-to-edge experience.


In its booth at the 2022 International Woodworking Fair that opened today in Atlanta, REHAU showcased its RAUVISIO House lines. The dramatic display of engineered surface and edge technologies demonstrated the human drive to surround ourselves with meaning.

From gloss to matte, crystal, natural and metal, each RAUVISIO House line is curated to be a classic of modern living and human-made for precision and permanence. The IWF booth was intentionally designed to allow millworkers to experience the lines in settings tucked away in their memories – a lakefront retreat, an ice fishing cabin and a classic car garage – and to invite meaningful human connection among attendees around the stories that might be brought to mind.

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RAUVISIO House Lines

“The colors, textures and technologies of our RAUVISIO House lines are designed to bring out the storyteller in each of us,” said Devin Chicas, senior creative specialist at REHAU. “We’ve lived, loved and wandered to make our lines breathe life, your life, into the environments you inhabit. As we build each line, we’re not aiming to be the most extensive collections on the market, but to provide a tailored selection that allows designers to help each client find their voice and create their own unique experience.”

Two natural lines bring the wonder of the outdoors inside. An innovative line introduced at IWF, RAUVISIO ingrain™ wood fiber laminate, combines natural wood fibers with synchronized etching for a luxurious veneer aesthetic. Inspired by pattern, this line is a celebration for the eye with high-definition printing and precision REHAU LaserEdge™ duo-gloss embossing. RAUVISIO terra™ soft, textured HPL surface. Inspired by the forest, this deeply textured surface delivers all-round durability with an authentic wood look and feel.

Two matte lines serve as a foundation for many designs. Inspired by Film Noir, RAUVISIO noir™ monotonic matte surface reflects timeless elegance. Its irresistibly lush self-healing finish leaves nothing to chance by obscuring fingerprints and scratches. A recently introduced line extension, RAUVISIO noir™ compact is a 12 mm thick solid-core panel suited for vertical and horizontal applications. Inspired by the drawn line, RAUVISIO shade™ super-matte PET surface diffuses light and gives elements around it vivid definition. This solid-extruded surface offers unbound soft resilience.

In the categories of high-gloss, crystal and metal, the three additional RAUVISIO House lines add sparkle and breathe life into spaces. Inspired by water, RAUVISIO brilliant™ high-gloss acrylic surface offers layers of color that illuminate their surroundings, making them swirl with watery fullness. This surface is more than a glossy finish, as it has a color-matched PMMA layer giving it an intense color depth with decades of UV stability. Inspired by gemstones, RAUVISIO crystal™ acrylic surface brings cemented energy to achieve a rarified luster. Offered in natural or polished finishes, this durable, lightweight surface creates a deep and genuine aesthetic when paired with diamond-cut REHAU LaserEdge™ seamless edging. Completing this multifaceted line are RAUVISIO crystal slim™ acrylic wall panel surface and RAUVISIO crystal™ Mirror decorative reflective acrylic surface, plus the capability to personalize the surface with notes using dry-erase markers or chalk. Inspired by metals from antiquity to modernity, RAUVISIO ferro™ metallic PET surface lights a spark of sophistication in a space. From all directions, eyes catch the warm and cool tones of this metal-inspired surface while fingertips glide along its contours without leaving a trace.

Welcome to RAUVISIO House

Modeled after the great fashion houses of New York and Milan, RAUVISIO House creates community around a range of products and services. It is a collective of engineers, creatives, designers and artisans who support the architects and designers in crafting made-to-measure spaces that are uniquely meaningful to each client. It is also the millwork industry’s single stop for coordinated laminates, boards, edgeband, fabricated panels and modern cabinet doors, each in a myriad of colors and finishes. Using advanced technologies such as seamless REHAU LaserEdge™ finishing, antimicrobial properties, self-healing and fingerprint resistance, RAUVISIO™ engineered materials outfit spaces from surface to edge.   

“You don’t find this range at every industrial park in the country,” said Amanda Henrickson, senior sales director for furniture solutions at REHAU. Jesse Collins, director of marketing and communications at REHAU. “RAUVISIO House is a truly unique one-stop shop for coordinated high-quality surface and edging materials, with a supporting range of services – such as full-sheet image downloads, online ordering of samples and panels through REHAU Marketplace and manufacturing of finished panels with REHAU LaserEdge so smaller shops don’t have to invest in equipment – all designed to make the lives of millworkers and the A&D community easier.”

“The woodworkers at the IWF show are key members of our RAUVISIO House collective,” said Jesse Collins, director of marketing and communications at REHAU. “Working directly with designers, they’re the craftmen who bring truly amazing and meaningful interior spaces to life with the modern engineered surfaces and edgeband we offer.”

Learn more about RAUVISIO House at    

The REHAU Group develops, manufactures and markets polymer-based solutions for automotive, construction, furniture, materials, medical and industrial sectors throughout the world. The independent, family-owned group of companies operates in more than 190 locations with more than 20,000 employees. Passionate and committed, REHAU teams work each day toward the common goal of improving lives through the use of innovative, sustainable technologies: Engineering progress. Enhancing lives. 

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