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REHAU Defines 2024 Millwork and Cabinetry Trends

The design team at REHAU RAUVISIO House announces what they consider the most important 2024 trends in kitchen design.


As the year progresses, dramatic trend and style changes are happening across the home design industry. The design team at REHAU RAUVISIO HouseSM is at the forefront of helping designers tackle these important residential interior and kitchen trends.

Trends to Watch:

  • Feeling the Burn
  • Blues in the Kitchen
  • Rhythms of Nature
  • The Art of Contrast with Black and White
  • Streamlined Upgrades

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Feeling the Burn: REHAU RAUVISIO ingrain™ Roasted Oak

Design takes influence from many different art forms. This year, cabinet craftsmanship takes a cue from “Shou Sugi Ban,” the traditional Japanese method of preserving wood through charring. Modern manufacturing now enables the replication of the rich variegated shades and details achieved through this form of wood preservation for a graceful worldliness that gleams confidently.

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The rich, burnished tones of REHAU RAUVISIO ingrainRoasted Oak offer a sense of warmth, while the vertical pattern accentuates the grain to create a feeling of contemporary elegance. Shown here: Midtown Garden District Kitchen Remodel in Atlanta, Georgia ©Eric Sun Photography

Blues in the Kitchen: REHAU RAUVISIO noirTM Midnight Dash

Kitchens are feeling blue in every shade and hue. Cabinetry, tile, appliances and more are moving away from white to various shades of azure, cornflower and navy to create a kitchen space that evokes a powerful mood. Daring, show-stopping designs lurk just around the corner as these colors form a foundation that elevates wood elements and backsplashes, creating combinations that are unexpected, beautiful and elegant. A kitchen washed in blue sets the stage for a serene and tranquil atmosphere, which is ideal for the central hub of the home to accommodate everything from meals to workspaces.

Animation_Kitchen_Midnight_30 - 1106292

REHAU RAUVISIO noirTM Midnight Dash is aptly named, capturing the moody blue color of midnight. ©REHAU

Rhythms of Nature: REHAU RAUVISIO terra™ Riverfront Elm

Organic patterns found within nature, such as the rippled graining of wood or the veins of a leaf offer a sense of serenity. Because these patterns have a calming effect, designers are looking to emulate the same comforting patterns and tranquil environments for homeowners. Cabinetry featuring natural wood-grain tones and tactile “ribbing” are in demand as they cater to both physical and visual senses.

WestBloomfield-1_colorlook - 1115585

REHAU RAUVISIO terra™ Riverfront Elm, channels warm neutral tints of foliage swaying gently through the breeze as sundown approaches, creating an aura of romantic whimsy and cozy delight. Shown here: Pine Lake Neighborhood Home Remodel in West Bloomfield, Michigan. ©Above the Horizon Media

The Art of Contrast with Black and White: REHAU RAUVISIO noir™ After Dark and REHAU RAUVISIO crystal™ Bianco

Just like the little black dress or the classic black tuxedo that never goes out of style, the contrasting black and white combo reigns supreme in the kitchen. Whether opting for sleek matte or radiant gloss finishes, the stunning impact that black and white have lends a powerful dynamism that keeps drawing designers and their clients back to this bold color combination.

Rothman_VirginiaAve_Kitchen_colorlook - 100006129

The matte black of REHAU RAUVISIO noir™ After Dark paired with the high-gloss REHAU RAUVISIO crystal™ Bianco provides a sleek and simple look with great contrast between the kitchen and island cabinets. Shown here is a sleek and simple Atlanta kitchen remodel personalized with Australian-inspired touches. Shown here: Virginia Avenue Remodel in Atlanta, Georgia. ©Lauren Rubenstein Photography LLC

Streamlined Upgrades: REHAU integrated handles

Just as layering necklaces adds depth and personality to an outfit, the choice of cabinetry handles dramatically plays into the final look. Designers complete the aesthetic of a space by integrating products that enhance the overall ensemble. REHAU integrated handles offer the ability to add that dynamic touch. With accentuated modern lines and unique streamlined styles, these handles are the perfect final touch to creative cabinet designs.

REHAU-Integrated-Handle_black3 - 100042057

REHAUSturgis2022-1067 - 100042058

REHAU integrated handles are designed to enhance each door or drawer front, offering both elegance and durability. Available in six matte colors including Matte Black (shown here to the left in J Channel ) and Matte Gold (shown here to the right in Hidden Recessed and J Channel). ©REHAU

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