REHAU Supports Paris Climate Agreement


REHAU Sustainability Report

On December 12, 2015, during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris, the participating parties signed a historic agreement to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C. The goal is to keep global warming to less than 2°C by the end of the century (considering pre-industrial times) to protect vulnerable areas of the planet currently threatened by rising sea levels. 

These are ambitious goals which REHAU actively supports through our own initiatives.

In addition to keeping global warming in check, the reduction of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions is a fundamental goal of the agreement. It will be a significant challenge to bring greenhouse gas emissions to zero in the second half of the century.

With the environmental objectives that REHAU has defined as part of our sustainability strategy a few years ago, we also face these challenges.

"In the context of climate change, the development of efficient and environmentally friendly products and solutions play a decisive role," said Dr. Stefan Girschik, Chairman of the Sustainability Committee at REHAU. "Whether energy-efficient construction, the use of renewable energies, smart water management, mobility or living and working environments of the future, REHAU must generate sustainable progress through new ideas – for people and planet."

In all of our locations, we are actively contributing to the implementation of the global agreement on climate change. Our budget to improve energy efficiency in 2016 is approximately EUR 2.1 million. Our German plant sites are already certified for energy efficiency in accordance to the global standard ISO 50001, with additional plants following suit in a company-wide roll-out this year. 

Further, we intend to reduce 30% of our energy consumption and reduce our CO2 emissions by 25% (based on consumption levels of 2009).

But that's just the beginning. We are already helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use fossil fuels more efficiently through a variety of ongoing initiatives, the details of which are included in our latest Sustainability Report

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