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Radiant heating

In a radiant system, warm water circulates through a network of PEX pipe placed in the floor, wall or ceiling. Heat gently radiates to warm surfaces, objects and air in the room, creating a comfortable environment.

What is the plumbing and mechanical industry saying about radiant?From a Q&A article in Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine, "The radiant market isn’t just a luxury home building option, REHAU Academy Manager Max Rohr notes: “Stakeholders that are passionate about lifecycle costs of heating systems,  comfort, resiliency and sustainability are good targets for radiant.:  Read more here

What are the seven primary benefits of radiant heating?

  • Adaptability – It pairs well with energy efficient heat sources
  • Architectural freedom – It doesn’t take up usable floor space
  • Comfort – Eliminate cold floors and drafty spots
  • Control – You have the control to make individual rooms warmer or cooler
  • Efficiency – Consistent, low temperature supply fluids require less energy than alternatives
  • Longevity – The mechanical equipment is protected, embedded in your floors, walls or ceilings.  
  • Safety – Radiant systems are typically designed to stay below your skin temperature, so there isn’t a risk of burning yourself, compared to a steam radiator, for example.  

PEXa Plumbing

In a PEXa plumbing system, installers can utilize the flexibility of the polymer pipe to weave around obstacles, reducing the amount of fittings.  The goal of a modern plumbing systems is to reduce labor time to install, without sacrificing connection reliability.  

Out here in Gozzer, Idaho – these are high-end customers; they expect the best,” Albertson said. “That’s why I’m happy to bring the REHAU product into this house.” See why Jake Albertson and son Jake Albertson Jr. of Bighorn Plumbing and Heating Inc. went with REHAU for a high-profile residential project Read more here

What are 3 benefits of RAUPEX® and EVERLOC+® for plumbing?

  • You promise a reliable plumbing system. When your customer is counting on you, you’re counting on the system you install to deliver on that promise with secure connections from start to finish
  • We back you up on it. Uniquely designed for quick, consistent, secure connections in any weather, EVERLOC+ eliminates many of the variables that can complicate installation. An added bonus: Immediate pressure testing.
  • A complete system solution from REHAU. The EVERLOC+ system includes our polymer and lead-free brass fittings, PEXa sleeves and battery-powered tools. It is specifically designed for use with REHAU RAUPEX pipe, known and trusted by installers around the world since 1967.


What products and systems are utilized?

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