Snow and Ice Melting Installation

seminar length 1 hour
event code 330
target group Engineers, Distributors, Designers, Builders, Installers
dates offered Upon request
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This seminar provides a fundamental understanding of hydronic snow and ice melting systems in terms of benefits, applications, installation, performance and costs. 

Learning objectives:

  1. The safety, convenience and cost savings provided by a SIM system has become more clear than ever with changes to weather patterns increasing snow fall in many regions;
  2. Clearing slippery outdoor surfaces over a long winter is not only a maintenance cost, it involves the expense of harsh chemicals and damaged surfaces;
  3. Snow and ice melting systems can also reduce liability with reduced premiums;
  4. Automatic controls and durable PEX pipes make modern SIM systems reliable;
  5. Estimated operating costs are often far less than mechanical snow removal

Who should attend: Engineers, design/build firms, heating contractors