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REHAU introduces System 190 with RAUSHIELD storm protection

Innovation extends the proven high-performance uPVC hung-slider window line with an economical solution for meeting hurricane impact codes.


REHAU today announces the launch of the new System 190 hung-slider design with integrated RAUSHIELDTM storm protection system for the US market. This innovation extends the proven high-performance uPVC side-load window line with an economical solution for meeting hurricane impact codes in residential and light commercial buildings.

Designed for new construction and replacement, the new 3 1/4 in (83 mm) frame with RAUSHIELD features patented integral anchor points allowing for quick, easy installation of storm protection fabric that meets Zone 3 wind load requirements. Storm preparation is as simple as snapping off a removable cover strip that conceals the anchor points and attaching the reusable storm fabric panel.  

"Our System 190 with new RAUSHIELD storm protection is an attractive gateway to the impact market for window manufacturers and builders,” said Dr. Thomas Troeger, chief sales and marketing officer. “The RAUSHIELD storm protection system reduces the cost of supplying impact-compliant windows by at least 35% compared to using impact glass.”

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Unlike other storm treatments that require unsightly anchors, the integral storm fabric fastening system allows the new RAUSHIELD frame to be installed in any wall construction without disrupting the building  façade and eliminates the need to offset shutters for anchor clearance. Builders can avoid the hassles of hiring hard-to-find anchor contractors.

The side-load design boosts structural performance by containing the sash within the frame channels, while allowing it to glide smoothly and lock tightly, providing 24/7 security. The fully welded frame and sash seal against water leaks that occur in mechanically joined systems. Robust uPVC profiles with aluminum reinforcements allow the window to meet wind-load requirements and protect operating parts from the stress of gale-force winds.

The System 190 provides consistent appearance across a wide range of opening sizes and performance requirements. The system achieves impact, acoustical and thermal ratings: up to DP50, up to STC 32; OITC 27 and simulated a U-value down to 0.24. Both the standard 2 11/16 in (68.6 mm) frame and new 3 1/4 in (83 mm) frame with RAUSHIELD feature up to 3/4 in (19 mm) glazing capacity which can be equipped with impact glass.

The uPVC profile system is offered in white, beige and clay to complement building design. Narrow profiles increase glazing area admitting more light and there is no visible storm anchor hardware to distract from the clean, crisp sightlines.

The REHAU System 190 is manufactured using a quality management system that has been certified to the latest version of ISO 9001 and is supported by a 20-year limited warranty.

Complete details on the REHAU System 190 with RAUSHIELD can be found at

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