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The Ocean at 101 Boardwalk I Atlantic City, New Jersey

It’s REHAU to the rescue for Oceanside Atlantic City Boardwalk apartments with chronic leaking problems

The Ocean at 101 Boardwalk, an immense apartment complex on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, was built in the late 1950s from steel salvaged from old Navy ships. Unfortunately, the complex’s 347 apartments proved to be less than seaworthy against the harsh coastal storms that frequently hit the area. The windows at 101 Boardwalk leaked so drastically that a bucket and mop should have been furnished with each apartment.

David Coluzzi, CEO of The Esquire Group, the developer that purchased the Boardwalk in a bankruptcy auction in 2012, says the windows were a bigger problem than they initially realized. The Esquire Group promised tenants that keeping them dry was priority No. 1 and pegged Craig F. Dothe Architect LLC, an Atlantic City firm, to develop a cost-efficient solution that would not only keep the building dry, but make the apartments more energy efficient.

The building tenants were skeptical when the latest renovation project was announced in early 2013. Previous owners’ attempts to repair the leaky windows only seemed to exacerbate the problem. This time, the architect’s plans called for tearing off the façade in order to properly replace a whopping 2,311 windows.

“It would have been an easy fix if the previous owners had done it right the first time,” says Tom Metzger, sales manager with Eurotech Industries, a Florida-based window and door manufacturer that had worked with The Esquire Group on previous projects. In order to “do it right” this time, Metzger recommended REHAU System 4500 windows with tilt-turn functionality and REHAU System 700 fixed windows.

The System 4500 uPVC tilt-turn windows feature multiple locking points and dual weather seals that provide optimal air and water tightness. The multi-chambered walls of the System 700 fixed window increases strength, improves energy efficiency and allows for efficient water drainage. Both systems exceeded New Jersey performance requirements for hurricane and impact-resistance. The Esquire Group also went with Metzger’s recommendation for tempered glazing to resolve an expensive glass breakage problem.

Coluzzi says The Esquire Group considered windows from a halfdozen or more manufacturers, but ultimately settled on the REHAU windows because of their value and the payoff they would provide in terms of energy efficiency. “Price, quality and workmanship sold the job,” he says. “We were impressed by the ability to build them quickly and the ease of installation. The windows had to be customized to fit the building and not the other way around.” Southwest Window Installation was signed on to install the windows – 1,731 fixed windows and 580 tilt-turn windows.

Kelly Michaels, president of Southwest Window Installation, has stayed in one of the apartments while he’s working on site. “Before we put the new windows in, you’d have to put rubber boots on to go to the bathroom during a hard rain because of the small pond in the middle of the floor,” he says.

Michaels has become a local hero for tenants whose apartment windows have been replaced, spotting him in the hallway and excitedly expressing their gratitude for their dry apartments.

Project:The Ocean at 101 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ
Type of construction:Apartment complex, renovation to be completed in 2015
Scope of project:2,311 windows and building façade
Architect:Craig F. Dothe Architect, LLC
Manufacturer:Eurotech Industries
REHAU systems used:

System 4500 tilt-turn window

System 700 fixed window

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