Reference Projects

REHAU systems can be found in more than 50 airports around the globe. Here are a few examples.

REHAU Airport Construction Bilbao Airport

The Flying Airport

Bilbao Airport in Spain was extended using state-of-the art REHAU system technology. 

The new terminal went into service in the year 2000. Designed by Santiago Calatrava, it has the appearance of a flying dove. The architect created air-conditioning in the new Bilbao Airport that is both aesthetically appealing and comfortable. The combined hydronic radiant heating and cooling system from REHAU demands no visual compromises from the modern architecture.

REHAU Airport Construction Beijing

Hangar for the World’s Largest Airliner

In 2008, the mother of all maintenance hangars was erected in China. Measuring 70,000 m², it is the largest maintenance hangar in Asia. This provides space for up to four Airbus A380s at the same time. Trust was placed in REHAU quality and the radiant heating system featuring PEXa pipes was installed.

REHAU Airport Construction Stuttgart

New Terminal 3 at Stuttgart Airport – REHAU Inside

The new Terminal 3 at Stuttgart Airport was built between 2000 and 2004. The capacity of the terminal is 4 million passengers per year. REHAU's hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems were chosen to control temperatures inside the building. A total of 100,000 m of PEXa pipes laid over an area of 16,000 m² provides state-of-the-art temperature regulation – technical and architectural perfection.

REHAU Airport Construction Istanbul airport

Turkey’s Oldest and Most Important International Commercial Airport

Istanbul Ataturk Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. It is equipped with all the latest technology and automation to ensure that its passengers travel safely and in comfort. The new hangar, at 25,000 m² four times bigger than its predecessor, was completed in January 2011. REHAU radiant heating was chosen. The hangar provides space for 16 narrow-bodied aircraft or four wide-bodied aircraft plus up to 8 narrow-bodied aircraft.

REHAU Airport Construction Kiev

Kiev-Boryspil Airport is the Ukrainian Capital’s Largest International Airport

Kiev-Boryspil Airport is to become Eastern Europe’s most modern airport. Terminal B was already upgraded in 2006. For this project, the airport company opted for the REHAU radiant heating and cooling system. A positive experience with REHAU led to an additional installation of a radiant heating and cooling system in the new Terminal D.

A One-of-a-Kind Military Aviation Training Site

Radiant heating, radiant cooling and a snow and ice melting system from REHAU help ensure energy efficiency at this state-of-the-art training facility for American and allied military pilots. The project includes four zones for conditioning, six snow and ice melting zones, eight three-way mixing valves for slab temperature control, and indoor and outdoor temperature sensors throughout.

Radiant Heating Saves Energy at a FedEx Airplane Hangar

Opening the door of this hangar in Alaska's frigid temperatures can result in a drop of 60º or 70ºF (33º or 39ºC) in only minutes. The REHAU radiant system circulates a heated water/glycol mixture through 43,000 ft (13,106 m) of 1 in. RAUPEX O2 Barrier crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe, resting on a steel within the concrete slab. When the system is engaged, the floor acts as a thermal mass, retaining much of the heat even when the hangar doors are opened and minimizing the time the forced-air system must be activated.

The heated floors also immediately begin melting snow and ice off incoming aircraft, and because the warmed concrete floor retains heat even when the air temperature drops, water quickly evaporates as aircraft are admitted, resulting in a safer workplace.