The ÄSPEKT Advantage

Invite in nature’s beauty. Block out its fury.

Good windows strike a balance between openness and protection, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, without feeling exposed to wind, rain, heat, cold and noise. In combination with a well-lit exterior, windows that are strong and tight-fitting can also make your home less vulnerable to intruders.

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Ease of Operation

Whether opening your windows to let in some fresh air or to do your spring cleaning, they should be easy to operate. ÄSPEKT casement windows are 3 times easier to operate than traditional hung windows. You can open them with just 1/3 of the force required to open a typical hung window. Casements open wide to the outside, so they can play a role in your family’s emergency escape plans. Easy egress does not imply weakness. In fact, ÄSPEKT windows with their robust full-perimeter locks, hinges and snubbers are 4 times more secure than typical hung windows.

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Protection from the Elements

With ÄSPEKT, you won’t see your curtains blowing or hear your neighbor’s dog barking. Thanks to the rugged seal and hardware design, an ÄSPEKT casement is up to 15 times more air-tight and admits up to 20% less noise than a typical hung window. While blowing wind forces a hung window away from the frame, which weakens the seal, on an ÄSPEKT casement, the seal between the frame and sash gets even stronger as it is compressed. You can also add a third pane of glass to increase the sound and energy barrier even further.

ÄSPEKT technology surrounds you in comfort with its compression-seal barrier against air leaks and noise.

A well-insulated exterior is fundamental.

Let our revolutionary ÄSPEKT casement work for you to achieve energy savings. By combining the properties of uPVC with a sophisticated multi-chambered design and our proprietary, triple-seal technology, ÄSPEKT outperforms alternative windows. This has a positive impact on your household budget and the environment.

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Energy Savings

With a glazing capacity of up to 1 3/8” and built-in insulation chambers, ÄSPEKT delivers up to 35% better energy performance than typical residential windows. With U-values down to 0.17, it far surpasses the 0.37 U-value of older windows. For a typical residential replacement project, for example, this means annual heating energy savings of up to $340 with ÄSPEKT compared to a common 25-year old residential window. Adding savings in cooling costs would likely double this amount, depending on the area where you live.

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ÄSPEKT not only contributes to sustainability through its superior energy efficiency; the lifecycle of uPVC is more sustainable than wood and alternative materials. Its base resource–chlorine (or salt)–is abundant, its manufacturing process efficient, it outlasts alternative frame materials and it can be remelted and recycled multiple times. uPVC has a 80% lower carbon footprint over its lifespan than aluminum. When uPVC finally finds its way to a landfill, it remains intact and does not leach toxins into groundwater.

Energy upgrades such as new windows can reduce heating and cooling demand, allowing you to buy smaller, less costly HVAC equipment.

Good as new for decades.

Central to the REHAU brand is a commitment to innovative materials and engineering that advance the state-of-the-art in demanding applications such as automotive, aerospace and construction. In designing a new window, our engineers draw on more than 50 years of REHAU experience. Each frame, hardware element and seal is carefully chosen for peak performance and durability.

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Ease of Maintenance

ÄSPEKT is virtually maintenance free. Our proprietary uPVC formulation resists weathering, so it never needs painting. Thanks to our High-Definition Finish (HDF), smudges can be quickly and easily removed from ÄSPEKT’s interior and exterior surfaces using conventional detergents. Aside from routine cleaning, you will want to occasionally apply a quality lubricant to the moving hinges and locking mechanisms to keep them operating smoothly. That’s all there is to it—take a seat and enjoy the view.

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Weather-Resistant Materials

uPVC is naturally resistant to moisture and atmospheric pollutants such as acids, alkalis and salt air. It does not dent, warp, corrode or peel. Our proprietary uPVC formulation has extra measures of impact modifiers, surface gloss enhancers and fade-resisting TiO2 stabilizers, allowing REHAU uPVC to outperform standard vinyl during weather testing in the Arizona desert and to retain its color and sheen for years. In case the original weather seal gets damaged, ÄSPEKT does not leave you exposed; simply insert new seals in the built-in seal grooves.

When you start with quality materials–thicker walls, high-definition surface–they stand the test of time. We have a 50-year track record to prove it.

One-of-a-kind windows, built locally for you.

Designing your ÄSPEKT windows doesn’t begin with choosing sizes off a chart; it’s more like being handed a painter’s palette. You have total creative freedom to enhance the beauty of your space and have a powerful impact on the mood of the people who spend time in it. We’ll help you determine what you want, then make it happen.

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ÄSPEKT windows create beautiful contemporary spaces. With clean lines, sleek hardware and many color options, they can be stunning even without window treatments. Their frames are up to 24% slimmer than typical 25-year old residential windows, providing a larger glass area that admits more daylight, which is so instrumental to our health and well-being. The changing direction, intensity and even color of daylight connect us to the time of day and the natural world. The window design and choice of glazing can dramatically affect the quantity and quality of daylight in your space.

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ÄSPEKT custom windows are designed and built for you, drawing on 1,500+ design options. We offer operating windows in casement and awning styles as well as fixed picture windows in architectural shapes such as round, triangular, ellipsoidal and many more. These styles can be combined in a variety of ways including multiple windows within one frame for slimmer lines. In addition to basic profile colors, our advanced foil lamination process lets you imitate the look of wood or aluminum or choose different colors to complement the exterior and interior of your home.

Gone are the days when you can have any window color you want as long as it’s white! Your options are virtually unlimited.