Sie wünschen sich pflegeleichte Fenster? Unsere Fensterrahmen zeichnen sich durch eine besondere Oberfläche aus.

Your World, Your Windows: Don't Settle for Ordinary

Everything simply seems better when we feel comfortable, secure and surrounded by beauty. REHAU window and door systems are German-engineered for uncompromising quality that will endure for decades. Choose them for your lifestyle; choose them for life. 


Energy Savings

Wasted energy is wasted money. Use less with highly-insulating REHAU windows and doors.

Noise Reduction

REHAU windows and doors minimize outside noise. Relax in peace and quiet. 

Increased Security

Multi-point locking systems and secure ventilation openings offer peace of mind. Don’t worry, be comfortable.

Design Versatility

Choose from an extensive color palette and multiple configuration possibilities. Customize your home.

Minimal Maintenance

An exceptionally sleek finish makes it difficult for dirt to accumulate – cleaning is practically effortless.

Windows for Your Lifestyle

Not one window fits all. Choose from a variety of different styles. 

Find a Dealer Near You

Our dealers offer a higher level of service, consultation and expertise.