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New in 2020 - REHAU LoopCAD PRO for radiant cooling designs

In collaboration with Avenir, REHAU has pioneered radiant cooling project designs with the REHAU Edition of LoopCAD.  This software is used by REHAU designers to streamline cooling projects.  This software development with Avenir is another way we are pushing radiant cooling to the forefront of high-performance design. 

Radiant design calculator

This calculator helps you put together a quick, non-graphical materials estimation, based on square footage.  You can select your REHAU fastening system of choice, including RAUPEX SPEED, RAUPANEL, RAUPLATE or a simple slab with foam staples or nylon ties.

Quick estimation calculator 

REHAU LoopCAD® PRO design software

  • Performs heat loss calculations
  • Create professional pipe layout drawings for radiant heating and snow and ice melting systems
  • Generates 3D views automatically as you draw in 2D
  • Generates detailed material lists for each individual design

LoopCAD PRO download page, free for 30 days

REHAU PlumbingCAD®

PlumbingCAD is a drawing-based software for the fast takeoff and quoting of PEX plumbing systems for commercial and residential projects. The software incorporates flow rate considerations for RAUPEX and EVERLOC+, helping you maximize the benefit of flexible plumbing. 

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 “REHAU was chosen to supply the system based on their innovative technology and their ability to provide comprehensive on-site support throughout the project,” said Richard Lay, senior design engineer at Enermodal Engineering Ltd., and engineer of record for the Earth Rangers project.

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