Don't sacrifice comfort in tall buildings! Warm the floor where you are working. Big spaces don't have to feel cold. 



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Warehouses are particularly great fit for radiant heating. 

Any space with high ceilings and large doors stand to benefit from a heating system that creates a warm surface where people are working, not just a hot cloud of forced-air 30 feet above their heads.  Imagine being a diesel mechanic on a December day, sitting on a warm concrete slab and picking up a metal tool from the ground that is also warm.  

“Radiant heating the best kind of system to have because you want the heat underneath the buses so their air systems don’t freeze up in cold weather, while maintaining a comfortable environment for our mechanics,” he says. “I’ve been in and out of an awful lot of garages, and if you can get in-floor heating, it makes for a much better work environment.” explains Frank McCarey, general manager of the Saint John Transit Center.

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