REHAU and Strategic Partners Announce the Opening of Whisper Valley Zero-energy Capable Housing Community

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REHAU and Strategic Partners Announce the Opening of Whisper Valley Zero-energy Capable Housing Community in Austin, Texas

LEESBURG, Va., September 20, 2017 – REHAU, along with strategic partner Taurus Investment Holdings, parent company of EcoSmart Solution (ESS), announces the opening of Whisper Valley (, a sustainable housing community in East Austin, Texas. At 7,500 homes including apartments on build out, the $2 billion development will be the largest zero‐energy capable housing community in the nation.

The energy for heating and cooling the homes will be supplied through an innovative geo-thermal loop field, which uses the earth’s constant temperature in Austin of 45 to 75 degrees to heat and cool the homes. This energy is harvested using the REHAU Double U-bend geothermal ground loop system made with the company’s high-performance PEXa piping. The energy from the earth is transferred to a water-based solution circulated inside the pipe. The solution is then pumped into a Bosch ground source heat pump, where it is converted for heating and cooling. This process can save homeowners up to 65 percent on typical monthly energy usage.

In addition, an integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) system will produce enough electric energy to allow each home to become zero-energy capable. The homes will also be equipped with Google Fiber, featuring 1 GB upload and download speeds, and will include a product suite from smart home technology company Google Nest, adding efficiency and security through “Learning Thermostat” technology, remote camera surveillance and a variety of notifications including smoke or CO detection. The homes are designed to achieve the carbon‐neutral standard promoted by the City of Austin for all new construction homes.

Recognizing that the initial upfront investment for energy efficient systems is a common barrier for many homebuyers, ESS is piloting the EcoSmart Financing Program through Whisper Valley, enabling homebuyers to finance the initial investment or through a green mortgage. Generally, the fixed monthly payment can be offset by the utility energy savings, resulting in little or no increase in monthly payments for the homeowner.

“REHAU is pleased to partner with Taurus and ESS on the Whisper Valley project,” said Michael Maher, business development manager, Renewables, REHAU Construction, LLC. “We are inspired by their dedication to making affordable sustainability a reality for homeowners, and look forward to our continued strategic partnership as they make this program available to future residential communities across the country.”

"We collaborated with the most innovative companies in the world to design and implement Whisper Valley’s infrastructure upfront to create the most cutting-edge technology available in the market today,” said Douglas Gilliland, president, Taurus of Texas. “We did this to provide the most sustainable products and services to first- and second-time homeowners. The result is a new kind of community that features efficient and affordable new homes.”

“REHAU's state-of-the-art piping is really the key component in the infrastructure in this first-of-its-kind geothermal loop field,” Gilliland added. “It connects all of the homes together, maximizing efficiency. We are so excited to be affiliated with the REHAU family and look forward to teaming up with them in the future.” 

The 2,062-acre development is a mixed-use design that will feature more than 700 acres of open space, hiking and biking trails, community gardens and a planned organic farming program. Clustered villages will include single- and multifamily homes, neighborhood services, restaurants and retail and commercial space. Two on‐site schools are planned, as well as a transportation hub and a fire station.

Whisper Valley is located 20 minutes from downtown Austin. Priced from the low $200s to $400s, homes throughout the development will range in size from 1,010 to 3,100 square ft.  Phase I homes are now under construction by Pacesetter Homes and Avi Homes. The Pacesetter model home is located at 16504 Moonlit Path, Austin, TX 78725 and the Avi Homes model is expected to be open by October.

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