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Whitby Residence I Toronto, Ontario

Ontario home is revived with REHAU windows, doors and super matte cabinetry.

Timeless styling, comfort and practicality support a suburban family’s busy lifestyle

It all began when Laura Weil, vice president, sales and marketing at euro + glasshaus installed a REHAU System 2200 sliding door in the kitchen area of her family’s suburban Ontario home. With 20 years’ experience promoting REHAU window and door products, Weil had worked directly with the REHAU engineering team to design a new door for residential applications. She felt it apropos to have one of her very own – and to install it herself.

Armed with instructions and the right tools, Weil installed her System 2200 sliding door with husband Bob Weil standing by for support. “When it was done, we couldn’t get over the night and day difference between the REHAU door and the builder-grade one it had replaced. Everything about it was superior, plus it’s smooth, quiet and incredibly sturdy,” she said. “It also provides a highly insulated barrier against the elements, which helps keep energy costs down during our cold Canadian winters.” 

With their new REHAU door in place, the couple realized the rest of their kitchen was also in need of an update. “Our home was built in 2008, but already the original builder-grade windows had expired,” Weil commented. So the couple decided to replace the windows not just in the kitchen, but throughout the entire home.

They chose REHAU system 4500 tilt-turn windows with a combination of dual- and triple-glazing to increase U-value and provide optimal sound abatement. For the kitchen, the Weils chose black for both the exterior and interior, including black hardware, for a timeless look that won’t go out of style. In the rest of the home, a black painted exterior and white interior on the windows creates a transitional-modern appeal.

“The windows in this home are often open year-round. I love having the option to get fresh air through a top-vented opening that doesn’t compromise our home’s security,” Weil commented. “When we do close all the windows though, it becomes so quiet there’s a ringing in your ears.”

For the other elements of the kitchen renovation, the Weils took into consideration their family’s busy lifestyle, and choose products that would stand up to heavy, everyday use. For the cabinetry, including a large island, they chose a REHAU super matte surface. The matte finish features low reflectivity and creates a smooth look and feel throughout the kitchen space, while being durable enough to resist wear and tear.

“There’s a lot of activity in our kitchen,” Weil said. “The island is where the kids do their homework, where we eat meals and where we entertain company. The REHAU super matte surface has performed exceptionally well. It doesn’t show fingerprints, doesn’t scratch, and it’s so easy to wipe down. Besides, it’s simply stunning,” she added.

The entire renovation took place over a long weekend. The kitchen was gutted and new floors, cabinets, wall finishes, electrical and counter tops were all installed seamlessly. After a year and a half, Weil says she is as pleased now as she was on day one. “I love the environment we’ve created with REHAU products; it makes being at home such a pleasure.”

Project:Whitby residence
Location:Toronto, Ontario
Type of construction:Private residence, renovated in 2018
Scope of project:1,084 window elements*; 43 doors
Window manufacturer:euro + glasshaus
Cabinet manufacturerdrôrs
REHAU systems used:

System 4500 tilt-turn and fixed windows

System 2200 patio door

REHAU cabinet doors with perfectly  matched REHAU LaserEdge™ technology 

Engineering progress

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