Single Hung 
This window opens with the lower sash sliding vertically while the upper sash remains stationary. 

Single Slider 
Sashes are side-by-side with one sash sliding open horizontally while the other remains stationary. 

Double Hung
These windows operate with both the upper and lower sashes sliding open vertically.

Double Slider
Sashes are side-by-side with both sashes able to slide open horizontally. 

REHAU hung-slider windows come in a variety of systems and performance options:

System 190 Single Hung-Slider Windows

This system offers single hung, single slider and fixed configurations. Features include the combined simplicity of a side-load design with high performance, different frame options for accessory grooves, integral nailing and/or stucco fin. 

Available in white, beige or clay.

System 190

System 700 Single and Double Hung-Slider Windows 

One of the most comprehensive and versatile systems on the market, offering single hung, double hung, single slider, double slider and fixed configurations with a variety of design and performance options. Available in white, beige or clay or laminated solid colors and wood-grain foils. An excellent choice for upscale residential and light-commercial applications.

System 700