System 700

System 700

The REHAU System 700 Hung-Slider Window design is one of the most comprehensive hung-slider replacement window designs on the market.

Providing five styles with a variety of design and performance options, this versatile design is an excellent choice for upscale residential and light-commercial applications.

With the System 700 design, single hung, double hung, single slider, double slider and fixed configurations are possible. Available in white, beige or clay and can be laminated with solid color or wood-grain foils.


  • Interior glazing allows for easy installation (glass can also be replaced from inside)
  • A flat bottom frame makes it easy to install in stucco or masonry openings
  • Chambered frame provides positive water drainage
  • Available in white


Test ResultsDescription
NAFS (PG)up to R-PG60
ASTM E90 Acoustical (STC)up to 37 dB


(*Single Hung, Fixed)

Impact Resistant DP-60 (HVHZ)*


(**based on simulation)

down to 0.16**


System 700 Hung-Slider Windows Brochure
System 700 Hung-Slider Sell Sheet
System 700 Hung-Slider Window Specification