System GENEO

System GENEO

GENEO® is composed of RAU-FIPRO™, a proprietary fiber composite material similar to those employed in aeronautic construction and racing vehicles for outstanding strength and load capacities.

In fact, it is the first fully-reinforced polymer window profile system that doesn’t rely on steel for its strength.

RAU-FIPRO, specially developed for GENEO, affords window construction benefits only imagined before. GENEO does not only provide superior structural integrity but also excels when it comes to thermal and acoustical performance. 

With the GENEO design, tilt-turn, hopper and fixed configurations are possible.


  • RAU-FIPRO profile core for excellent stability and torsional rigidity.
  • Compression-seal technology for superior thermal and acoustical performance.
  • Patented integrated reinforcement system for the highest degree of strength and security.
  • High-definition finish for weather and stain resistance and ease of maintenance.


Test ResultsDescription
NAFS (PG)up to CW-PG70
ASTM E90 Acoustical (STC)up to 45 dB


(*based on simulation)

down to 0.13*

Top-Performance Ratings for Thermal Insulation, Sound Insulation and Increased Security 

Since the GENEO profile design is fully reinforced with fiber composite, the use of steel can be avoided and thermal bridges no longer occur. With its center seal and optional thermo-modules, GENEO achieves thermal insulation values up to the stringent passive house standard.


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Certificate - Certified Passive House Component