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Employee Testimonials

What's so great about working at REHAU?

Monika Irchenhauser - 102319

Monika Irchenhauser | Vice President Human Resources

My family is in the construction business in Germany, so I knew beforehand about REHAU’s high-quality building materials. So when I saw REHAU's booth at my university's career fair, I was interested to learn that there was so much more to the company.

I was even further intrigued to find out that REHAU has a global presence.
I had always wanted to pursue an international career. So,I did some research and spoke to a friend who was already working for the company.
He shared positive details about his experience. I decided to apply for a position.

During my interview, I learned that REHAU is not just a medium-sized international company, but also stable and family-owned. I felt that I would have broader exposure earlier in my career than at a larger company, and I was right. I worked hard, and after only two years, I became a manager; by the age of 33, I was a director.

I have already worked in three different countries in just nine years and use several different languages with my international contacts every day.

I am always challenged, often exposed to new concepts and most important, I never stop learning.

Maic Von Thuelen | Plant Manager

I started working for REHAU in 1993 in my hometown of Brake, Germany. My main focus back then was to find an employer who could provide me with the training and development that would lead to a great career.

REHAU is a worldwide company that is well respected by both the surrounding communities it supports – and most importantly – its employees.

From the beginning, the choice was clear when I decided to start my future with  REHAU. Since the beginning, REHAU has provided me with the tools and skills training that have advanced my career and led to success.

Every day, I am thankful to have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the workplace. Every day, changes in the workplace keep my job interesting. I thrive on the opportunity to help others and help them succeed in their own careers.

Von_Thuelen - 103666

Valter Cruz - 103665

Valter Cruz | Engineering Manager, Industrial Solutions

I first heard of REHAU while still in university in Mexico. I wanted to develop my career at a stable, global company. Some of my classmates held internships at REHAU and encouraged me to apply. 

What convinced me that REHAU would be a good place to work? The company contributes to many of the world's most successful brands. So I reasoned that there must be invaluable experience to gain here.

I have always appreciated that German engineering is at work in so many systems and structures in the world. The fact that REHAU is a German company further interested me.

Even as an intern, I was involved in complex projects from the start. Today, I belong to teams who solve problems in different countries. Each project is different and I'm always learning new things. Some of my best projects have been a relocation of the Monterrey (Mexico) plant as well as developing and implementing products for a new operation in Manizales, Colombia.

Every project at REHAU requires the best you have to give.

Dr. Thomas Troeger | Chief Executive Officer

I was first introduced to REHAU by a headhunter and was impressed by the unique environment I discovered. During the interview process, I knew fairly quickly that I wanted to pursue a career with the company because there was clear opportunity for advancement in the various business divisions. I’ve now been with REHAU for a number of years and am currently the CEO.

Along the way, I have realized that the people I interact with daily are what make this a great place to work. And I especially like the fact that even though REHAU is an international company active in multiple industries, it’s managed with a philosophy that focuses on long-term goals instead of short-term shareholder value.

I enjoy the complexity of manufacturing, selling and distributing a North American-made product. Every customer that recognizes REHAU as a partner instead of a supplier motivates me to work even harder.

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Jesse Collins - 102317

Jesse Collins | Senior Marketing Manager, Furniture

I was then given true marketing coordinator tasks in the Furniture business unit, with responsibilities that showed me how I could apply my college major in a corporate environment. After graduation, a permanent marketing coordinator position was offered to me, and I took it.

Besides the long-term, stable company environment and good benefits, I enjoy interacting with colleagues from different countries.

I’m fascinated with learning cultural idiosyncrasies, and how they can be used to benefit REHAU. I also really enjoy bringing creativity and efficiency to our marketing team. I’m truly motivated by learning new marketing technologies and mediums which continue to distinguish the REHAU brand.

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