EuroDesign 4500: A most hospitable window and door design


Whether you're in need of an upgrade or starting from scratch, we'll work together to solve your most difficult hospitality challenges.

Hospitality is a demanding segment for windows and doors. Offering a first-rate guest experience is paramount, whether it’s a family vacation, travel for work, or a peaceful, solo getaway. In a parallel fashion, demands for hotel security, energy efficiency, and noise reduction are here to stay. To do this, day-after-day and year-after -year, you need building components that enhance guest safety, reduce noise and conserve energy. REHAU EuroDesignTM 4500 prioritizes these three components of hospitality while staying up to date with current aesthetics and color trends.

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Why it is smart to start with REHAU windows and doors

Whether you are currently in the hospitality market and searching for upgrades or starting fresh with a new project, it is important that we share the why before we start exploring the variety of styles available. In general, windows and doors are the largest causes of energy loss and inefficiency in buildings. With sustainability as a continuously rising focus in the industry, it is important to preserve the highest amount of energy that we can, for as long as we can. Windows that excel at energy conservation have the added benefit of sealing out air, water and noise. As a result, they don’t contribute to draftiness, sleep disruptions, indoor air quality or mold, all of which not only detract from the guest experience, but also may lead to  health concerns.

To realize your vision of the ideal guest experience, it is crucial to consider well-designed commercial uPVC window and door designs.

The EuroDesign 4500 window and door design offers

the ultimate in high performance, which has made it a staple in the hospitality industry. Its features include:

1. Compression-seal sash with two weather seals optimizes the air and water performance.

2. Multi-point locking hardware and heavy-duty hinges assure longevity and security.

3. Superior energy efficiency and sound abatement properties assure comfort.

4. Ability to build tilt-turn, fixed, awning and hopper windows as well as inward and outward opening single entry, French and atrium door styles provide the utmost design flexibility.

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EuroDesign 4500 fixed windows

Fixed windows feature a sealed unit glazed directly into a narrow frame. This style is ideal for areas where maximizing glass surface to create unobstructed views is desired. They frame the glass with great safety and security that invites the outdoors in.


EuroDesign 4500 hinged doors

The EuroDesign 4500 hinged door offers an attractive solution for hospitality projects. This design enhances the hotel experience by welcoming guests to step outdoors, while enhancing security, condensation resistance and acoustic control at all other times.


Our many hospitality projects speak for themselves.

REHAU systems not only align with the primary ideals of your industry but continue going above and beyond the crucial demands of guest safety, noise abatement and energy efficiency.

By Chloe Vaughn, Marketing Intern, Window Solutions

Your great hospitality sustains your guests. Our great windows and doors provide a more hospitable experience while sustaining the environment. Take a step toward elevating visions around glass.

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