Modern Millwork: 3 Qualities to Look for in Matte Panels

Stunning, sleek and sophisticated 

Modernize your design with any matte surface and create the perfect captivating dramatic look

A preferred matte panel should provide a super soft look and feel. Matte panels absorb the light creating a smooth, even surface that is very appealing to the eye at any angle. When you choose matte surfaces, you’ll help your clients create a dramatic look. Don’t just choose any matte surface, however. Be sure to look for these three qualities.

Soft- Touch 

Why stop at having a surface just look great? A soft-touch finish allows a surface to gain distinction by also feeling great. Adding this texture to a space will help achieve that dramatic appeal. Providing the best panel for your client is a challenge all designers face. When your client has matte in mind, looking for a soft, thermal healing, anti-fingerprint surface will make your job a little bit easier.

Thermal healing

Scratches are a part of everyday life. The surfaces in your client’s space shouldn’t show their age with countless scratches. Choose a panel that has the ability to remove micro-scratches with heat, friction or a melamine foam sponge. Your clients will appreciate the easy maintenance. Check out this video to get an up-close look at thermal healing.

Anti- Fingerprint

Fingerprints can be highly visible on lower-end matte panels. Look for a solution that has an anti-fingerprint surface. Your eye should be drawn to the surface, not the fingerprints. This feature will also help keep your client’s panels looking clean for longer.

Matte SurfacesAdvantagesDisadvantages
Painting: Panels are painted with numerous layers of super matte paint in the desired color

1. Common application

2. Highest number of color options

3.  Multiple shapes are possible 

1. High life-cycle cost 

2. Difficult to match replacement panels

3. Inconsistent and very manual process

High Pressure Laminate (HPL): Pressed decorative paper, craft paper and resins to form a high pressure laminate 

1. Can be used in vertical or horizontal applications 

2. More scratch resistant that other options 

3. Availability of color options 

1. Very limited thermal healing of micro-scratches

2. Fingerprints more visible than other options 

PET Foil: Clear film applied to melamine board 

1. Prints and patterns can be available 

2. Surface has good scratch resistance 

3. More economical option

1. Very limited thermal healing of micro- scratches 

2. Fingerprints more visible than other options 

Nanotech Matte Material: Next- generation acrylic resins combined with nanotechnology hardened and fixed with electron beam curing process 

1. Low light reflectivity, extremely matte surface

2. Thermal healing of micro-scratches 

3. Anti- fingerprint

4. Soft to the touch

5. Extreme heat and chemical resistance

6. Enhanced anti- bacterial properties 

1. Mass availability in the market

For more information on matte panel options for your modern millwork designs, check out REHAU’s website.

By Jesse Collins, Marketing Manager, Furniture Solutions

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