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What is PEXa?

REHAU began producing PEXa in 1967. When our company founder, Helmut Wagner, partnered with Dr. Thomas Engel to begin producing an alternative to traditional rigid piping systems. They were ahead of their time. 

Today, we use the same process with decades of experience perfecting the craft as the basis pipe for our MUNICIPEX® family of products. Since we pioneered the flexible, crosslinked polyethylene we have been innovating ways to lead the industry in consistency. We back our product with a 25-year limited warranty.

MUNICIPEX warranty

Advantages over copper and HDPE

MUNICIPEX is a clean, cost-effective municipal piping alternative that surpasses many of the performance properties of copper and HDPE. Unlike other municipal lines that need frequent repairs or replacements, MUNICIPEX is not susceptible to corrosion and mineral buildup. It has freeze-break resistance properties, demonstrates impact and abrasion resistance, and has excellent resistance to chlorine and other chemicals.

MUNICIPEX vs. copper          

Get your crew in and out of trenches quicker

As a flexible, durable, cost-effective alternative to copper and other materials, MUNICIPEX is meant to make your installations fast and easy. Whether it’s new construction, replacement or repair, MUNICIPEX is ready to help tackle your next project.

  • Lightweight and flexible: MUNICIPEX can bend 5 times its outside diameter (OD) and is up to 70% lighter than copper, making it easy to carry and uncoil.
  • Kink resistant: More flexible than HDPE and copper, MUNICIPEX resists kinking. If kinked, MUNICIPEX does not require a repair clamp, nor does it need to be cut out.
  • Size and length: MUNICIPEX is supplied in coil lengths of up to 1,000 ft (304.8 m). Produced in Copper Tube Size (CTS), it is compatible with AWWA C800, ASTM F1055 electrofusion and Philmac® fittings. 
  • No specialized tools Standard pipe wrenches are used with compression-joint connections.



As an engineered solution that optimizes performance and longevity, MUNICIPEX is equipped to handle even the toughest environments. From corrosion to creep resistance, rest assured that MUNICIPEX will stand true for years.

Erosion and corrosion resistant
The PEXa basis pipe used for MUNICIPEX resists corrosion in aggressive water conditions.

Mineral build-up resistant
Due to the smooth inner walls, MUNICIPEX is resistant to scaling and internal deposits

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Chlorine resistant
MUNICIPEX exceeds the requirements of ASTM F876 for chlorine resistance for cold-water service lines, when tested in accordance with ASTM F2023.

Creep resistant
Designed to withstand pressure over time, MUNICIPEX will not decrease in pressure rating over a long period of time.

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MUNICIPEX is designed to withstand harsh conditions without compromising performance. With this system, you have extra piece of mind even when using native backfill.  MUNICIPEX is the preferred choice when it comes to resiliency.

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Impact and abrasion resistant
The molecular structure of MUNICIPEX allows the pipe to absorb kinetic energy from hard impact. It resists deformation which increases its impact and abrasion resistance.

Native backfill 
Due to its high degree of crosslinking which provides toughness for jobsite use, MUNICIPEX does not require sand bedding and can be used with native soil, reducing time and cost.

MUNICIPEX Force Main trench

UV resistant
UV resistant up to 1 year based on testing to ASTM F2657.

Slow crack growth resistant
MUNICIPEX also has higher resistance to slow crack growth than other polymer piping materials due to the molecular structure of the linked polymer chains.

Freeze-break resistant
MUNICIPEX resists splitting when frozen. Copper piping will break when frozen.

Municipal piping program

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