Designing with stone in modern kitchens and bathrooms

Incorporating stone into your home

Keep up with the latest stone trends and design a home that is both contemporary yet timeless

Designing with Stone 

It’s time to say goodbye to complete uniformity and matching in kitchens and bathrooms, as modern design encourages creating balanced contrast using various textures and colors. One way to achieve this sought-after contrast is by incorporating stone in the home.

Stone is highly versatile because it can be paired with a multitude of colors and materials found within kitchens and bathrooms, establishing a contemporary space that strikes a harmonious combination of the natural and the industrial. More and more, people have been seeking interiors that bring the outdoors into the home while still attaining a sleek, modern look. The addition of stone – whether it is the focal point of a room or a minor accent – can elevate the look of your home and bring you closer to achieving a balance of contrasting styles.

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Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Are you searching for a way to freshen up your kitchen or bathroom? Installing stone cabinet doors and drawers brings a clean feel to either room, straying away from basic white, brown or black cabinets and drawers.

The RAUVISIO crystal stone collection by REHAU includes printed-color patterns with marble and stone effects that can help you achieve one-of-a-kind cabinets and drawers. To obtain a sleek stone effect, be sure to look into the marbled designs of Marmo Bianco, in white with gray veining, and Marmo Nero, in black with white veining. Legno Sbiancato, a neutral concrete color, can also help you achieve a contemporary stone design. These cabinet doors and drawers can add both style and functionality to your kitchen or bathroom since they are resistant to scratching, UV light, heat and humidity.

Stone cabinets and drawers pair beautifully with a vast array of surfaces that can be found in the kitchen and bathroom, such as matte, glass, wood and metal.


Stone backsplashes and wall panels can shift the mood of your kitchen and bathroom. You can use them to create an industrial chic feel in your kitchen design, or in the bathroom to create a peaceful, spa-like environment, making it the perfect place to unwind after a long day. Heighten the calm mood of the bathroom by pairing the natural look of the stone with soft, neutral tones. Look into the RAUVISIO crystal stone collection  to join in on the stone backsplash and wall panel trend and improve the style and soothing nature of your home.

Learn more about RAUVISIO crystal acrylic surface

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Combining Stone Countertops with Cabinet Surfaces 

Stone countertops are a durable yet sophisticated way to liven up any design. The kitchen is a place that demands strong countertops, since they are exposed to numerous spills, high temperatures and objects that could scratch the surface. Stone countertops not only tolerate these exposures, but also continue to maintain a sleek, untouched look through the years.

A stone countertop can serve as a foundation for creating contrast when paired with cabinets that have different surfaces. Pairing stone countertops with glass-like cabinets creates a pristine, smooth design, while pairing stone countertops with wooden cabinets creates a warm, rustic design. Matte cabinets with stone countertops are also a gorgeous pairing, resulting in a modern industrial design.

If you want to pair your stone countertop with any of these cabinet surfaces, look no further than the 100+ surfaces offered by REHAU. Create a design for your home that is both contemporary yet timeless. Learn more about our stone and crystal surfaces here.

By Erin Slupe, REHAU Communications

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