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COVREX by REHAU: the hardtop for the swimming pool

With its sophisticated design and outstanding material properties, the innovative COVREX pool cover by REHAU meets the highest standards. The pool cover's foam-filled slatted design ensures maximum buoyancy and carrying capacity. This also means no more special end caps for sealing the hollow chambers.

All these unique product advantages make COVREX by REHAU the safest pool cover system on the market– for both children and adults alike. In compliance with the French NF P-90 308 standard, the swimming pool cover can withstand weights of up to 100 kg to make sure no one accidentally falls in.

Your advantages

  • The safest pool cover system on the market– for both children and adults alike
  • Up to five times more robust than similar systems with a very high resistance to hail
  • Excellent insulating properties due to the intelligent profile concept
  • High-quality design available in five different colours
  • Weathering resistance for use all year round
  • Resistant to external influences and UV radiation
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Thanks to its excellent material properties, COVREX by REHAU can meet almost all requirements. The slatted pool cover is five times more robust than similar systems and can be perfectly tailored to your requirements, without the need for any extra closure systems. Improved buoyancy also means the cover is perfect for use with underwater drive systems.

The COVREX swimming pool cover by REHAU is fully weathering resistant and, in contrast to other systems, boasts certified resistance to hail. The system is also easy to install, resistant to snow and frost and prevents the growth of algae, meaning your pool is perfectly protected even in the winter months.

And while other systems require intensive cleaning after winter, all you have to do is sweep down the pool cover. In summer, COVREX by REHAU provides heat insulation for your pool: any heat is locked in under the cover and stored overnight.

IPF_0027 - 1101890

Possible applications

The swimming pool cover is perfect for:

  • Home or garden pools
  • Private outdoor and indoor swimming pools
  • Public outdoor and indoor swimming pools
  • Sports pools
  • Special applications beyond the swimming pool sector
Poolabdeckung COVREX by REHAU

Poolabdeckung COVREX by REHAU

Poolabdeckung COVREX by REHAU

Poolabdeckung COVREX by REHAU




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