Soulful spaces: 3 ways to incorporate color into your home

Expand your color palette to surround yourself with meaning.

When selecting white or black cabinet surfaces for the clean, minimalist look, you could miss out on an opportunity to infuse your space with meaning. Despite the freedom and individuality designing with color offers, you might be hesitant to use color in your home because you are worried about either tiring of it or having it go out of style. However, there are ways to include color in a home that are streamlined and sophisticated, so you don’t have to miss out on creating soulful spaces that echo your experiences. Listed below are three color palettes you can use in your home that will help bring your story to life, without taking away timeless appeal.

1. Cultivate unexpected elegance with light-colored neutrals

White cabinet surfaces are often chosen to make a space feel bright and open, but these same surfaces can also leave a room feeling empty and cold. Set your home apart by incorporating color to bring back feelings of warmth and comfort.

If you still want to achieve the bright, open look of white cabinets without losing the soulfulness provided by color, consider using light-colored neutrals for your surfaces. These toned-down hues are an excellent option for anyone hoping to maximize brightness in their space while still staying true to themselves.

With numerous options of light-colored neutrals available in REHAU RAUVISIO HouseSM lines, you’re sure to find one that tells your individual story. Plunge into reflection with RAUVISIO brilliantTM high-gloss acrylic surface, offering layers of color reminiscent of landscapes with a lack or abundance of water. If you are drawn to mountainous terrain, select the snowy white of Bianco or the crisp gray of Cemento from our glacier collection to create an exalted mood that doesn’t feel icy.

Add an intriguing twist to your light-colored design with the legendary white, gray and neutral shades of RAUVISIO noirTM. Inspired by the mystique of the cinematic film genre, our monotonic matte surface helps you lay a refined foundation that elevates wood elements, ceramic backsplashes and marble countertops. Forgo basic white and opt for the cool beige tones of RAUVISIO noir Boxcar Blonde to design a space with unexpected elegance, or choose the warm gray hues of RAUVISIO noir Trench Coat for a low-key color that is high-key captivating.

Or, you could do what one Florida couple did when remodeling their minimalist kitchen and select the soft, tranquil gray offered by RAUVISIO noir Silver Lake to achieve a clean and bright ambience.

Michael Bright of Bright Wood Works, who worked on the remodel, has used REHAU matte surfaces for several years due to their durability and “wow factor.” Regarding how his clients felt about their new kitchen cabinet color, he said, “I think they both love how the space is soothing to look at and how it functions just the way it was intended.”

IMG_9482_colorlook - 1094494

RAUVISIO brilliant™ Cemento

BRI00882_colorlook - 1103109

RAUVISIO noir™ Silver Lake

WestBloomfield-16_colorlook - 1115570

RAUVISIO ingrain™ Seaside Pine

Annapolis-June2023-001_colorlook - 1121248

RAUVISIO noir™ Olive Detour

2. Forge a design as bold as you with darker tones

When adding depth and drama to your home, black cabinet surfaces may seem like the obvious choice, but they’re not the only option. Darker tones of colors such as navy, terracotta and olive add richness to a design and are best suited for those aiming for elegance and style.

While these colors can stand out on their own, they’re also great backdrops to display favorite memories and items that showcase who you truly are. Transport your imagination and senses to worlds of the past by choosing from the range of bold colors found in RAUVISIO noir. For a showstopping design that speaks to the depths of your story, choose the lush dark gray of Decoy Dusk or the entrancing deep navy of Midnight Dash. Do you need to be reminded of warmer days? Draw inspiration from the desert with the terracotta tones of Sierra Social.

When owners of a 1950s-style ranch home in Maryland decided to update their kitchen, they wanted a look that conveyed warmth and peace. Their kitchen already had huge, beautiful windows for viewing the nature outside, but they wanted the color of their kitchen cabinets to help bring the outdoors in. Their cabinet designer, Ted Ferris, introduced them to RAUVISIO noir Olive Detour, which provided a striking note of color that contrasted beautifully with the walnut island and tall cabinets.

Their architect, Kerry Hoffman said, “RAUVISIO noir Olive Detour was inspired by a painting that the owners have in the kitchen. The combination of the olive and walnut has an elegant softness that will remain ageless.”

Animation_Kitchen_Midnight_30 - 1106292

RAUVISIO noir™ Midnight Dash

IMG_4341-1_colorlook - 1095536

RAUVISIO terra™ Loft Oak

3. Light a spark of sophistication with metallic surfaces

If you’re interested in spicing up your home’s surfaces but aren’t keen on saturated colors, metallic colors are a great option to create a refined space that catches the eye from all directions. Metallic surfaces go beyond the industrial look of stainless steel.

For example, RAUVISIO ferroTM offers a range of warm and cool tones that allow an aura of sophistication to emanate from your surfaces. Inspired by the rich history of metals throughout the ages, the warm metallic hue of Aegean Anchor adds a timeless touch to interiors. Or, select from the silvery finishes of Metro Motion or Empire Skyline to bring a modern metropolitan design to new heights.

Whether warmer or cooler hues speak to you, these lustrous colors offer unique flare to a home by providing a sleek and versatile look that isn’t plain black or white. You’ll find that metal kitchen or bathroom cabinet surfaces complement a wide range of materials. Explore a mix of textures by pairing metal with wood, stone or matte materials to achieve tasteful contrast. If the look of glass inspires you, integrate RAUVISIO crystalTM Decorative Mirror to your metallic design as a kitchen backsplash to reflect elegance. With countless metallic combinations, you can design a space perfectly tailored to your style.

When remodeling a client’s investment property in California, Interior Designer Ron Surgen set out to cultivate a high-end feel for this contemporary home. Cabinets were an essential part of the kitchen design, so he opted to mix the metal surface RAUVISIO ferro Gilded Arrow with the super-matte surface RAUVISIO noir After Dark to create a glamorous yet welcoming space.

Surgen was extremely pleased with not just the aesthetic appeal, but also the quality of the cabinet surfaces, stating, “Not only are these products of extremely high quality; they look great and are highly functional. The doors are easy to clean and scratch resistant, which is always a good selling point.”

1440_colorlook - 1095495

RAUVISIO ferro™ Gilded Arrow

Burke Milwork Showroom-2 - 100004922

RAUVISIO crystal™ Decorative Mirror

O40-D098_CL - 1099157

RAUVISIO ferro™ Aegean Anchor

Whether your choice is soothing light-colored neutrals, rich dark shades, eye-catching metallic tones or an intriguing mix, expand your color palette with REHAU RAUVISIO House lines to curate timeless spaces that tell your individual story.

Surround yourself with meaning.

Craft made-to-measure spaces that transport you to soulful places. From surface to edge, RAUVISIOTM engineered materials set you apart.

Find inspiration in the colors, textures and technologies of our RAUVISIO House lines. From gloss to mattecrystalnatural and metal, each line is curated to be a classic of modern living and human-made for precision and permanence.

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